For Interaction and Mobile User

My dear OTTi has been online using his smart phone surfing and answering questions posted to him over at his AskOTTi column. Apparently he is having a good time and keeping him busy from bugging me too much. So if you can, please continue to ask him all sort of questions. So far there has been some funny ones by our readers here.

It has come to my attention that they are readers who surf my blog using their mobile phone when they are on the go. So to make my blog content more friendly, I have put in a Mobile View just for mobile phone readers on the top bar my header. You may Bookmark it at your mobile phone. Of course coming through the blog itself would be more colorful and fun for interaction. :P For Mobile users, more goodies will be on the way.

I love to read and reply comments but the default comment did not really allow readers to talk to each other and so I am trying out the new comment system to make interaction more fun. This is still new to me so let's me know how you feel about it okay? :)


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