Ask OTTi

Now and then whenever someone new came to my blog, they would asked me who is that green guy carrying my logo of OpenTheToy? Then I get question like:

Who is OTTi?
Why that name?
Is he or a she?
Is he a Toy?
Why is he naked most of the time?
What's with those angry eyes?

In order to better answer and collect such questions, OTTi had a channel for himself over at Now you can ask him any questions and he will answer you any questions. So test your creativity and try to pin him to a spot. See if you can do that. LOL


kluxorious said…
he hasn't answered my question >_>
LEon said…
OTTi had quite a number of questions. May I know which question is yours? :P
Janus Lu said…
That is very fun to ask your mascot question, feel like I am a reporter now... XD Btw, bro, just give me some times to produce your OTTi art, now a bit busy with my daily jobs. :)
LEon said…
No prob. Take your time. :)

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