UGLYDOLL action figure series 2 coming in March

Good news for UGLYDOLL fans, UGLYDOLL action figure series 2 would be in stores this March! This time round it is no longer be blind box like before. There would be a window box for you to see what figure you wished to get. There will be 12 as a set for this series.

You can join their Uglydoll facebook for more updates!

For some collector this would be a good news or a bad news as there will be no repeats, no chase or variants. So is that good news or bad news to you?


moemoekyun said…
Chubby must be very happy :D
WELL uglly dolls looks uggly and funny but I am not really go for it hahhaha I juat have one lol
chubbybots said…
*_* Omg time to expand da collection.....thank you leon...

Very very poisonous news indeed!! (checks ang pao money....)
desmond said…
Not in designer or vinyl toys..Heng ar!!
rockleelotus said…
i want the one eyed doggy! lol another thing to save up for, i must get one eventually ^^;
LEon said…
I think chubby would be happy too. LOL. Which one do you have?

You still have ang bao money. For me I have to give ang bao to other. So need more budget as well.

Ya. But in a way, the whole set should be cheaper than a 12 inch toys. :P

If you need any help in getting, feel free to contact me ya? :)
Still I think packaging without the blind looks better. Buy wat you want rather than guessing is better. No chase or variants is good. Too much of these recolouring makes collectors sick of collecting them all, especially the ridiculous price for variants, chase and exculsive.
h4mster said…
definitely a good news! it's just painful if those blind boxes makes us ends up with the same figures..
LEon said…
Indeed and toy seller open blind box and sell those rare ones at high price while try sealing back those common to sell as blind box. Pissed.

THat's right. The weighting of the surprises and feeling lucky does not equate to the amount of disappointment for collectors.
chrismandesign said…
yumi... precious i love’em all, but i’m out-of-d-biznes by the moment, too much bills to pay (toys & collection figures included...) so, cry, cry baby buahhhhhhhh ;(((((((((

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