STGCC 2010 Survey

As this is a New year, Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) is doing a online survey to understand the needs better to plan for this year event STGCC 2010.

The survey will take around 2 minutes and will help them to deliver an event closer to your expectation in Singapore.If you are residing in Singapore or intend to visit this convention hosted in Singapore, do your survey at to do your part to make that event fun for you.

For those who have not been to last year STGCC, here is a recap of the STGCC 2009 opening night and the designers toys that were there.


moemoekyun said…
looks interesting I watch alot about stgcc last year and last 2 years
kluxorious said…
is planning on going
TheFuzzy said…
I received the link to the survey from an advert promising a chance to win an iPhone, but there are no fields to put any contact details LOL

I did the survey anyway; looking forward to STGCC. =P
LEon said…
You should pop by if you can for this event.

That's great. Let me know if you are in town. Maybe we can meet up with the rest. :D

Ya I notice that too and I asked them about that but they have yet to answer me. Anyway I just do the survey to give them my feedback. I never so lucky in lucky draw anyway. LOL
chrismandesign said…
obviously in my country there is not such thing like a manga/anime/comic/others culture (at least is very incipient...) & neither this kind of events... all of u there... u r so lucky !!!
LEon said…
If you can, pop by during such time to SG and take a look. :)
Did the survey! Somehow, I have the feeling that there might be entrance fee imposed for coming STGCC.
LEon said…
Good and bad. Good is we have lesser crowd. :) But to ask someone to pay, they must have something that everybody want.

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