So many surprises from Figma for 2010

I read for some winter fest 2010 reports and there are some Figma that raised my eye brown.

In Summer release 2010 Figma releasing 3 Characters from evangelion 2.0 You can (not) advance. Asuka will be the first to release! I heart Asuka!

Not forgetting Rei. :)

Next more of Haruhi Suzumiya characters will be released. First in line is Secondary school time Haruhi! Don't you just love her?

Another surprise was Kamen Rider is going Figma too!

But no surprise is bigger than this. Figma is releasing a Michael Jackson Thriller Version in July 2010!! Aawoo! Hee Hee!

Personally I think thriller version has been over shadow by Hot toys but this is smaller scale and more affordable. However the face is more Anime looking than life likeness of MJ. Being a MJ fan, I may consider to get this as it is closer to my budget. Ya, Money talk. I will wait for more news on this.

All Photos above are from hobbystock. Check them out for better resolutions and loads of other pictures.


saruman said…
anything to do with evangelion is hard to pass! I want my asuka and Rei!
kluxorious said…
I'm getting my hands on Haruhi. That's for certain!
chrismandesign said…
barely a month or two ago i had noticed that Figma TM exist ! myb i’m a lil’ poky... the female figures of EVA characters r pretty & sexy WOW !!! Haruhi is precious !!! is the 1st time a saw a pair figures from "Karmen Rider", this must b a new series, cuz the only one i know is Kamen Rider kjakjakjkajkajkjakjakjkajkajkaj... sorry LEon, u already know i’m joking... & although some songs of MJ r simply amazing for me, the figures don’t appeal me...
LEon said…
Nice choice! Stand by for the coming movie You can (not) advance. LOL

yes the young haruhi is cute!

LOL Thank for pointing it out. The new series to come is called Ramen riders.
chrismandesign said…
uhmmmmm... then u should watch Ramen Kider, the same Kamen Rider but in an alternative universe, where insects r converted in humans, by other insane insects, they don’t use bikes but sekib to go as slow as they can, to combat their fierce friends (they can’t fight with their enemies...) kjakakjakkajkajkajkajkjakjakjakjakjakjakjkajkajkajkajkajka... LOL LEon, so sorry, i’m insane actually @___@
desmond said…
Don't know these Japanese Anime characters...Good to me!!
LEon said…
Instead kamen rider drink coffee, they eat Ramen. LOL

Yes good for you. By the way you have the Hot toy MJ thriller right? *Jealous!

Go buy go buy! :P
Jcee said…
I want the KR's!
G.G. said…
Argh... Evangelion figures!!!.... I must resist the temptations.... I must focus on Gundam only.
LEon said…
Good to see you around. You have been missing for quite some time. Go get it Jcee!

You should check out Evangelion model kit releasing in March. LOL More of that later. :P
C.Alv.B said…
All I know the characters are super sexy hehehhe
MaftyNavue said…
Wow.. MJ Thriller version..
ahahaha... a big fan of MJ too..
LEon said…
Really? You find kamen rider sexy? :P No doubt MJ Thriller is sexy. LOL

I actually felt sad when I learned that he passed on. MJ is irreplaceable.
chubbybots said…
Luckily I don't collect figmas!! As much as I want to start on them, its best I stick to my ugly doll, gundam and nendo :D Dangerous time for our wallets my friends lol!
moemoekyun said…
get ???? I don't like figma :P
but maybe MJ ^^

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