Gundam @ Singapore

Gundam @ Singapore has just went through a major revamped of their website. It is now easier to see the latest updates premium, promotions, and events in Singapore

If you are a Gundam Fans, this would be a good place to visit for updates on Gundam.

I like the new layout. It is very neat and conceptual. What do you think?


moemoekyun said…
after attack hongkong now this time for SG being attack(biggest bandai distributor outside japan is HK)
chrismandesign said…
it’s still so far away from me... so it makes no difference =((( obviously all of u there must b very happy... i mean, if a direct distributor of Bandai would b here in Colombia, i would b out of my mind, in the edge of insanity... LOL
desmond said…
I find this is very plain..
LEon said…
they have been the sole distributors for decades and so far they are alright.

Maybe you should import it in?

Plain is good. Simple and easy to load. LOL
chubbybots said…
Very refreshing layout I must say :D Lets hope the change the price down as well haha!!
LEon said…
that what everybody is hoping. LOL

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