G is for Geek and a Geek Award is for me and two for you

Recently Freak Studio from Argentina had nominated me with Certified Geek Award from certifiablygeekblogs.blogspot.com

I have to say I was pleasantly surprise.

What is the definition of being Geek?
According to the Wiki it is define as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality." I guess from the content you found on this blog, I would be rather Geeky. On a personal level I prefer the word Geek than Otaku which I don't think I am one.

The rules of the Certified Geek Award (Trademark) require me to recommend only two Geek blogs and when the word Geek come to mind, I just let whoever comes to mind first.

First nominee for Toys is Mario with his A Year of toys.

Mario is a toy collector who will blog about a toy or a toy picture everyday. He is very much into Starwars (this alone already geeky enough) and on his recent February blog project, he blog about clone troopers everyday life. Now tell me that is not Geeky!

The word Geek would rarely goes to describe a female but for the second nominee for Toys I would guess Juliana from Juliana's Toy collecting tips.

Juliana collect Little Pony, G.I Joes, Marvel figures and Transformers. From time to time provide field reports and news about Transformers toy in retail. Seriously can you name a few female who collect "Guys" toys and even better provide tips and updates of it (that does not mean she is lesser of lady like). So I guess she deserved the Geek title for her faithfulness in her years of blogging about toys.

Congrats to Mario and Juliana and here are the rules from certifiablygeekblogs.blogspot.com
1. Upon being given this award, please pass the award on to two other blogs that you feel are Certifiably Geek!
2. Go to the the Certifiably Geek Blogs award winner listings blog and make sure that blog hasn't already received the award.
3. Create a post on their blog announcing the two blogs they've decided to award.
4. In that post, include the official graphic (as seen here)
5. Provide a link to the two blogs
6. Tell why they've chosen the two blogs
7. Include the URL for the award blog (http://certifablygeekblogs.blogspot.com)
8. Email Jon K at waffyjon@comcast.net with the above information, plus what category they think the blog fits in (so I can label it accordingly). If the blog fits more than one category, they should include them all (for example, if the Random Acts of Geekery were awarded this -- which it can't, because none of my blogs are eligible to win -- the categories would be comics, toys, cartoons, sci-fi, Star Trek, monster movies, etc.)
9. Contact the two blogs that they've awarded, tell them about this blog, as well as where they can find the post in which they were awarded. They can do this by emailing the bloggers (if that's possible) or by leaving a comment in a recent post.


chubbybots said…
haha congrats man on the award :D
Pek Chek Kia said…
Congratulation LEon for been Geek?! XD
LEon said…
Thank you. :)

You are welcome. :)

@Pek Chek Kia
LOL I am still alright being called a Geek. LOL
rockleelotus said…
congrats LEon! being a geek is cool lol it means you have some smarts :P
LEon said…
Thanks. :D

I sure hope so. LOL
h4mster said…
I see geeky here means that you are giving full effort of consistency on your blog, haha

congrats man
LEon said…
THank you. I hope it is going to a right direction tho. LOL

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