Bandai NAMCO Group Restart Plan

This could be a tough year for Bandai NAMCO as the company estimated that it maybe losing ¥31 billion ($342 million) in March 2010.

To counteract these losses, Namco Bandai has announced it will undergo a group restart plan which will include trimming 630 staffs from the existing 7,000. The parent company hopes to trim about 8 billion yen (US$90 million) in its expenses.

The company cited the sudden drop in sales for both video games and video/music titles.

Moving forward, the BANDAI NAMCO Group will continue to provide "Dreams, Fun and Inspiration" to people around the world through entertainment based on creativity and boundless enthusiasm. 

More detail here and here.

I hope their restart plan can bring about positive results.


moemoekyun said…
I just thinking is there awesome game namco made after merge with bandai ??
chrismandesign said…
i guess Bandai/Namco is a clever fusion, but even the best companies in this situation could have some problems in the short term, specially when u notice that the world’s economic recession hasn’t ended & will continue myb for 2 or 3 years more... with a market contracted, companies with similar business should consider fusion instead of rivalry... (WOW i sound like an economic analyst, when i’m barely an undergroud collector... it was me ??? LOL)
saruman said…
desmond said…
Let's hope Namco has better stuff in the future :P
LEon said…
Here are some of the listing of the games by them including Mario Kart, Dragonball, Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire and much more.

I do hope so the economy should be recovering.

I hope for better titles in games and toys from them.

Me too! :)

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