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Year of Goat Optimus Prime

Year of Goat Optimus Prime
Asia exclusive for the Chinese Lunar New Year Edition review

Re-ment Skeleton

Re-ment Skeleton
A fun review of what this Skeleton can do

Disney Tsum Tsum Guide

Disney Tsum Tsum Guide
Here is a simple guide for you to score 1.000.000

Neca Pacific Rim

Neca Pacific Rim
Neca improve version of Gipsy Danger and it's awesome

About Page

15 February 2010

If you are reading this, this mean you want to know who and what this Open the Toy blog is all about.

"Open the Toy" is where we post regular thoughts, reviews and news on Toys, Games and anything Fun.

Open the Toy believes in opening toys from packaging and having fun with toys in a good old fashion way for playing.

Most toys review here are from personal collection while others were sent in for review by the toy manufacturers.

Some misconception regarding this blog was operated as a toy shop selling toys that we review. Well we do not. If we do that, we will make that clear in that particular post.

In reviews, we honor honesty. Although our personal preferences play a big factor, we want to hold our integrity of our feeling regarding toys for it's quality, fun factor and pricing.

Even in cases that toys are sponsored for the review, we still reserve the right to speak our honest opinion and should our review is more toward negative reviews, it may not be posting it at all. Don't worry, we are generally a gracious people. :P

That being said, if you have toy or game products or Toy event news, feel free to Contact us.

Open the Toy has been one of finalist in South East Asia blog award a few years back for Best Geek award.

About LEon
LEon is Chief editor of this blog, He is a selective toy collector, a hobby photographer, seasonal gamer and a family man in the making.

Born in Singapore in the 1970s where the first generation of toy lovers and collectors are born. Went through sad years of not being able to buy all the toys he likes and went to crazy toy collecting years later. Finally stay grounded in collecting and practice selective toys collecting.

He enjoy and missed those good fun days of playing toys and making up stories and he is reliving the moments with his young child now.

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