28 February 2010

1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam Model Kit Review

Today I have the honor to review the MEGA SIZE 1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam!

When I started out to assemble this huge model kit, I initially felt rather intimated by the amount of parts that need to assemble. I thought I would get it done in 6 hours, however I did all up in less than 3 hours. What make it easy beside the instruction is this.

The purpose of this tool is use for the ease of getting the parts separated without using any clipper. It uses leverage to get the part out of the plastic mold while the other flat end of the tools can use to separate the plastic part without harming the plastic model if you need to remove or change some parts like the fist.

Beside the tool, the design allow jointing of parts at one goal. All you need to do is align the kits and join it together.

Once the parts are neat combine, use the tool given to break those out of the the mold.

When the part are broken out, you are ready to set up.

Here's a comparison between my BB Zhaoyun Sangko and the 1/48 Rx-78-2.

As the parts are modular, you can build them separately and later assemble as easy as a snap.

Regarding articulation of parts, here's some of the shots I manage to get it pose half way through my assembling.

It can pose as running or kicking and even Michael Jackson moonwalking.

The balance of the model kit was excellent which allow the  whole lower part of the body to be balance on one leg crossed.

You can even make the legs to do such awkward position all thanks to the flexible ankles and firm feet design. 

Moving on, I continue working on the body which we called Bust. The bust itself is already bigger than a regular BB figure.

Look at the length of the light blade and the solid back jet booster.

Here's the full upper body comparison.

Some shots I took regarding the decent articulation of the arms for a model kit.

This huge Rx-78-2 comes with a beam rifle, shield, two beam sabers and two set of hands.

Great for close and mid range battles.

Here it is! Fully assembled. See how tiny BB Zhao Yun of mine is when he is beside the Mega size RX-78-2?

He is way taller in comparison to my Transformers Animated Leader class of Bulkhead from Hasbros.

I am impressed with this model kit. If you are a Gundam fan, this piece from 30th Anniversaries could be the piece that mark that event which is AWESOME for display.

I would like to thanks Shengtai for granting me to review this model kit. Do watch out for the coming event for Gundam competition for kids during March holiday and not forgetting the Singapore Premiere of Gundam UC screening event in March. More details on that will be announce later here, just watch this space for it. ;)

Dennis from COLLECT 'em ALL will attempt to doing some spraying and hopefully give his review on this figure later on. :)

27 February 2010

BANDAI releases in March 2010

Here's a list of model kits that will be releasing from Bandai.

4th March 2010
1/48 RX-78-2 GUNDAM
This guy is fitting to his MEGA SIZE name given. Great for display for Gundam Fan for it's 30th Anniversaries.

Just look at the size comparison.

*Above photo credit to Gundamer Dotcom.
By the way, I will do a review on this 1/48 model kit later. So stay tune. :)

If you have collected the previous MG Figurerise 1/8 Son Goku Model Kit, here's the Super Saiya Goku release!

Keroro Gunso : Deep-sea King Kururu + Kuru Arm
It's finally Major Kururu as he will be arriving with his Kuru Arm in the Deep Sea King series.


11 March 2010
LOTO is a transformable tank mobile suit used by ECOAS and Earth Federation's Londo Bell. It is a predecessor of the F-50D/RXR-44 Guntank R-44. Armed with beam burner, machine gun, two 120mm cannons and a Gatling gun.

The F2-type was lighter, more fuel efficient and giving it a longer flight time with a powerful generator. There's a improvement on the armor protecting the cockpit putting it on a more equal footing with the Earth Federation Forces.

This is one handsome Gundam. Love the red and white tone and it even include the diorama of the base factory!

18 March 2010
The ReZEL (Refined Zeta Leader) Commander Type is a commander transformable mobile suit built as a support unit.

Another new release for Pokemon fan. Yes Pokemon do have their own model kit and every model kit comes with Pikachu! Maybe I should get one to do a review...But I prefer the old pokemon like Squirtle, Bulbasaur etc. :P

25 March 2010

This is a good model kit with great articulation. Can't wait for the new movie to come. :)

26 February 2010

Gundam Singapore Sangokuden Contest for 12 years old or below

Shengtai, the distributor of Bandai in Singapore is hosting an interesting contest for Gunpla fans 12 years of age or below for the coming March holiday.

Now they can design a weapon for Sou Sou Gundam under Sangokuden. The wining design will get to be mould as an exclusive weapon plus Sangokuden Hamper worth $100. There are also 5 Merit prizes too.

Hurry as the closing date of the contest will be on 8 March 2010 and the results will be announce durng the March School holiday at a Sangokuden Gundam promotion at North Point Shopping mall in Singapore.

So if you or someone you know who are 12 years of age or below and a fan of Sangokuden living in Singapore, just join in for the fun!

You can get more detail and entry form here.

Conversation between a Grandfather and a Father

I was at a toy section on one recent visit to a Shopping mall. As I was walking past the Thomas and Friends section, I noticed an elderly lady stood low looking through the lower pegs of toys while an elderly gentleman stood up looking through the upper shelves. My best guess was they are searching toys for their grand children. Ah! the love of grand parents.

After close to twenty minutes later, I came back to the same section. I was surprised to see them at the same spot but this time a impatient younger man was with them.

The grandmother was still comparing the toys in her hands asking her husband "What do you think? Should we get this Gordon?"

"Just make a decision!" interrupted by her son, the younger man. "We have been here for sometime already!"

"Yes I think he will love Gordon." answered her husband. "But there are two versions of him!" said the grandmother.

Before her husband can answer, the young man interrupted again. "I don't understand why kids love these toys. What's so fun about these toy train?"

"A children want what the heart wants." answered his father.

The son doesn't seems to be satisfy with the answer and continue criticizing, "All of these train look the same to me. what's the different anyway? I couldn't stand him whining all day for another one more!"

"You were like that too when you were a child." answered his father. "But in your case, it was He-man. We do not know what so fun about He-man that you cried and begged us for them and we have to travel half way down town to get those toys for you."

The son stood silent for what seems a long moment. The grandmother finally made her choice and proceed to make her payment.

Somehow this short conversation I over heard left a deep impression in me.  I guess it take years of parenting to know the interest of the child but in some sad cases, some parents still never get it end of the day.

That grandchildren should count him or herself blessed to have such grandparents who find out not only which toy line he/she like but which characters in that toy line he/she fancy.

Do you have such grandparents?

25 February 2010

So many surprises from Figma for 2010

I read for some winter fest 2010 reports and there are some Figma that raised my eye brown.

In Summer release 2010 Figma releasing 3 Characters from evangelion 2.0 You can (not) advance. Asuka will be the first to release! I heart Asuka!

Not forgetting Rei. :)

Next more of Haruhi Suzumiya characters will be released. First in line is Secondary school time Haruhi! Don't you just love her?

Another surprise was Kamen Rider is going Figma too!

But no surprise is bigger than this. Figma is releasing a Michael Jackson Thriller Version in July 2010!! Aawoo! Hee Hee!

Personally I think thriller version has been over shadow by Hot toys but this is smaller scale and more affordable. However the face is more Anime looking than life likeness of MJ. Being a MJ fan, I may consider to get this as it is closer to my budget. Ya, Money talk. I will wait for more news on this.

All Photos above are from hobbystock. Check them out for better resolutions and loads of other pictures.

24 February 2010

What's wrong with your face?

On my recent visit at a toy department, something at Starwars corner caught my eyes. When I look at it closer, I started to laugh. I laughed so loud that some shoppers gave me that "what is wrong with this guy?" look. So what so funny? Tell me that this is not a joke.

* Hey Dude, what's wrong with your face?

This is the latest Star Wars Legacy Collection toy line, one of the Cloud City Wing Guard. Initially I thought it was a one off factory mistake but when I checked the other in the same pegs, the same Cloud City Wing Guard had these big blue painting on their face. Is this the after work version when he get all dirty or sweaty? Maybe after choke by Vader? Or is he an Alien or something?

I check at Hasbro toy shop website and realized that the coloring was not so explicit. So I conclude this could be a bad QC (Quality Control). What do you think? Does that look funny to you?

23 February 2010

Preview Bulma Dragonball Evolution by Enterbay

It's another Dragonball Tuesday again!

Almost one year ago, Dragonball Evolution hit the big screen. I was invited to the Dragonball Evolution premiere and like most Dragonball fan, I felt rather disappointed but the female casting kinda saved the movie for me. Thanks to the pretty Bulma and the sexy Asian looking ChiChi. When Enterbay announced they are going to release the Dragonball Evolution figures, I was looking forward to the female cast in particular and I am glad the wait is over.

Say Hello to Bulma from Dragonball Evolution.

For the first female Masterpiece Figure of Enterbay, I must say they did a splendid job to capture Emmy Rossum.

Click here to check out more pictures of Emmy Rossum as Bulma from Enterbay.

Now I am waiting for Chi Chi! :D

22 February 2010

Autobots Skids & Mudflap Ice Cream Truck

My patience paid off for this Ice Cream Truck. Okay it's Skid and Mudflap but I still like to call this Ice Cream Truck!

Here are three reason why I get this toy figure after such a long wait. Reason number one, I just love the retro truck design although I never understand why on earth they appear like this in China in the movie.

Reason number two, this figure is 2 for the price of 1!

Reason number three, this figure was hot and often gone from retail before I can really get my hands on it. Now the movie fever subsided, they appear again (just as I have foreseen) and best they are on discount! Good things happen to those who wait. Yes it just like Ice cream! LOL

The whole truck look rather sweet with the pink and white coloring. You won't expect less from a Ice Cream truck right?

The tranformation really split the vehicle right down to the middle.

The front is Skid and the back is Mudflap.

Skid has a broad shoulders and a set of tiny leg. It's hard to get him to stand well as a robot.

Mudflap on the other hand is all balance.

It always puzzle me why Michael Bay wanted these two Autobot to look so stupid weird.

And the toy just purely follow the movie design...

Thankfully I am only interested on the vehicle design and color theme so that is good enough for me to go ahead to collect it. Some more did I mention it was on 20% discount?

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