What is this "Join my Fun Club" doing at my blog?

Some of you may notice the green-patch-looking "Join my Fun Club" on the right hand side by now. What is that all about?

From the first day I started Openthetoy is all about getting to know people who are interested in my hobbies. I am grateful for the growth of the readers and now I want to get closer to have more interaction both ways. So I decided to start a club which allow interaction both way between me, you and others.

What's this "Fun Club" about?
This club will help me to keep in touch with each other on a regular basis on some specific topic discussion, toys offers and news around the world. The great thing is that you can join in the discussion. All you are require to do is to provide one time your email to sign up. Please note that this subscription is not same as the RSS thru email of my daily web content. If you worry about Spamming, rest assure that the content is moderated. You can exercise the freedom to unsubscribe anytime you want.

What will you be expecting should you join in?
You can get into a closer circle with me and others who joined the club. You can then
1. Make more friends of the same interest.
2. Join in interesting discussion on toys and other stuff around the world.
3. Get latest news and deal of toys sighting regionally.
4. Able to have Toy and other trades around the world
5. Join in activities on our blogs and outing (depending on location)
6. Seasonal greetings and surprises (freebies) from me.

So if the above sound good to you, do sign up. Membership is FREE.

Will this "Fun Club" replace this blog?
NO! it will certainly not replace the content of this blog. The "Fun Club" is intend to be just a side thing for us to communicate more easily.

Do note that I am still learning the robe for setting this club and with your support, I hope it can bring in more fun and value to our life. See you there! :)

P.S: If you have any question about the Fun Club, you can ask here through the comments. :)


chrismandesign said…
that bet is too risky =O LLLoOoOOLLLL... at least, for me... myb i’ll try, let me think...
G.G. said…
I have a question outside of this post. I want to ask, how are you able to add the Amazon ad at the end of each post. Is it done automatically? or Manually?

How do you do it? Is it thru html?

Thanks, I want to add items that my friend sell on amazon on my blog.
chubbybots said…
ok man sign me up :D
LEon said…
No problem, take your time. You are entitle to choose. :)

The amazon is added manually at the Layout > Edit HTML with "Expand Widget Templates" checked. You can only add the widget from astore for that. I hope you get what I am trying to say.

Please remember to check your email upon signing up for the confirmation email(which may landed up on your Junk). Only after that confirmation you will be in the group. :)
whipcracker said…
I look forward to the fun this group will have. Yea! Look forward to the possible giveaways.
LEon said…
Thank you. Have to look for some giveaways first. :D
chrismandesign said…
u already hav my gmail account... do u need another one, like hotmail or yahoo pal???
LEon said…
You have joined the group? I have no idea which is your email...can you reply one of the topic in the group so that I know it is you? You will get a confirmation email once you signed up. If you didn't try to look in your junk mail box. It maybe routed in there.
chrismandesign said…
done ! i feel myself a ltl geeky LOL

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