The Transformers: War of Cybertron

Activision is producing the Transformers: War for Cybertron. Activision which will be on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, and PC (what? No PSP version!!) this year, 2010. The game is more of the civil war of Autobots and Decepticons over the destruction of Cybertron before coming to earth. Here's the trailer.

Something new about these version that somehow Optimus Prime looked younger (maybe because of the new body) and Megatron used a Mace or morning star... I believe the giant robot behind the Autobot should be Omega supreme but I couldn't really figure out the Giant Dino looking robot at the back of the Decepticon. The game trailer look good but have to see the game play ultimately. Meanwhile fan should keep our eye peeled on these game.


moemoekyun said…
I don't have any game console ^^ just sell my PS2 month ago and I don't think want to play because I love transformers toys not game
cosmicbaby said…
nice clip! Just like those GI Joe cartoons, a million shots fired & not a single soul is killed!
Freak Studio said…
Really? 'cause that guy Optimus cuts in half looks pretty dead to me...
LEon said…
I have a PS2 set myself and to date I still keeping it as they are still game releasing today for PS2. Can you believe that? Anyway I still enjoy most of the PS2 games. I didn't know you collect transformers tho. Thought you collect Gundam. :P

Ya. Optimus Prime can catch a missile with his bare hand. But hey he is Optimus Prime!

@Freak Studio
Did you manage to catch or recognized that poor Decepticon fella in the video then? I saw soundwave (more to G1 style). if it become a toy, I will get him. :D
chubbybots said…
Oh I love the new look on optimus :D Its like a heavy armored version. But single handedly taking a missile with one hand thats a bit too far fetched.

That large decepticon dinosaur might be triyptocon (i got the name wrong i just knew it..) :D
h4mster said…
Their design really match with the cybertron environment. I'm still looking forward for the gameplay that this game offers :D
LEon said…
Ah yes! Trypticon!

So do I. If it has online function would be great too.
moemoekyun said…
@leon I rarely playing games and I study overseas atm so I can't play it anymore and I can't catch up with others what they playing too since I hate RPG game I only play fighting and shooter
for transformers toys I think I still keep some for old transformers I gave them to relatives I collect all robot actually. I have set of voltron,power rangers megazords not only gundam
Way too cool for a game intro on cybertronian war! Awesome CG and mechs design!
LEon said…
I see. Study should come first. :)

I hope the actual gameplay is as good as it looks.

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