Photohunt #22: Old Friends of McDonalds

I found this old drawings of some Mcdonald's characters at a local Mcdonald's restaurant. So that will be this week PhotoHunt. Just spot 5 differences. Click on the photo to have a bigger picture.

Can you name some of the characters also?

After 5 minutes if you still can't 5 differences, please click here for the answer.

Remember to rate the stars according to the numbers of differences you spotted.

If you find this Photohunt Quiz fun, please tell your friend about it. Photohunt is on every Monday here at Open The Toy.


moemoekyun said…
hmm a little bit hard only found 3 >_<
LEon said…
Hm...I thought this should be easy as they were many blank areas...
rockleelotus said…
only found 3 also lol

missed the sleeve color and pick axe
LEon said…
Hm...okay. Thanks for your feedback.

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