Photohunt #21: Care Bears

Care Bears Stare!

You may want to click on the photo for a bigger picture to spot 5 differences.

After 5 minutes if you still can't 5 differences, please click here for the answer. The last thing I want is that you stare too long on screen and strain your eyes. :P

How long does it take you to find all 5? Remember to rate the stars according to the numbers of differences you spotted. Can anyone name some of the Care bears in the photo?

If you find this Photohunt Quiz fun, please tell your friend about it. Photohunt is on every Monday here at Open The Toy.


moemoekyun said…
argh I missed the strawberry @_@ nice leon keep going with this quiz
Freak Studios said…
Nice going, I had some trouble finding the top strawberry one. I can't name any care bear whatsoever or else my frinds would hit me :)
rockleelotus said…
in 5 min i only spotted 4. i spent i spent 3 more mins after and still couldnt get the last one lol the top strawberry was really tough, im amazed how you keep these photohunts challenging :D
LEon said…
I have to say you are getting good at this. I need all the help I can get like providing more toy related photo so I can do more. :)

@Freak Studio
I know what you mean. It like a girly thingy. I get to more care bears because of my nieces.

I salute you for your determination. I need some complicated toy photos so I can do more quiz? :P
Freak Studio said…
I can send you some if you want...
LEon said…
@Freak Studio
LOL Thanks for the offer but no care bear for me now. :P

How many did you manage to spot?

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