Photohunt #20: Meow!

After getting various feedback, I decided to enlarge the resolution of the photohunt photos. Now you can click on the picture and it will enlarge to 800 pixel in width in a new window. Can you spot the 5 differences?

As usual please give your rating with the stars according to the number of differences you spotted. Please try it now before looking at the answer of the photo hunt above which could be here.

Is it easier to spot the differences now?
Do you know the name of this cute kitty plush and which anime or comic it came from?


rockleelotus said…
got all five! took quite a while too because of the like colors in this one lol i like how you have a bigger resolution now. ive found the previous photo hunts have a nice balance, not too hard and not too easy :D a fun challenge for me.

the kitty is Inoue Toro, i recognize him from the revoltech toy :3 said…
cool! i'm back again!! nice!!! was tempted to the answers :P
LEon said…
Thanks for the info. So the next photohunt i make it harder?
How many did you get? all 5?
rockleelotus said…
haha if you like! im finding them challenging already but i am only speaking for myself here ^^ and i think the recent photo hunts have been taking me over 5mins, which is not bad at all :D
LEon said…
Thank you for the clarification. Stay tune for the next photohunt then. Please tell your friends if you find the photohunt interesting. :D
moemoekyun said…
only see three no idea with litle dot in eyes and ear ^0^ do you get those kitty ?? from game centre peize game right ?
LEon said…
No I didn't as I am not that gifted in playing such UFO machine. Yes this photo was taken at a prize game centre. :D
chrismandesign said…
TY so much LEon 4 ur support... i’ve been busy/out these days, so i’ve couldn’t post anymore, but i’ll come back with many surprises, my 1st post in 2010 will b a bombshell (LOL), as i mentioned & more will arrive (including some collection figures of a friend of mine, that doesn’t have his own blog of toys, at least by d moment)... yes, THX GOD this year seems promising in collection figures concerns for me... & i’ll b visiting u as well, for sure =D
LEon said…
Thank you for your support too. :)

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