2010 Resolutions

I was quite happy with the resolution I made last year although I didn't fulfilled everything, at least that set a direction for me to go for this blog. Certainly there are areas to improved on.

Here are my 2010 Resolutions for Open The Toy to make it fun, I need your support and help:

Toys Review
I plan to have more Toys review as the numbers of my toys waiting to review list are stacking up. All of them are special as they came in different timing of my life. I would like to start a series of my childhood toys on every Sunday for the first quarter of the year. Why Sunday? Because weekend are the only time for me to take photos and do some series writing. I hope with my new duty of fatherhood, I still can document my love for my toys.

I am happy that many enjoyed my Photohunt series and I believe it would be more fun if we can get more involved in contributing. What I need is some toy related photos. If you have some toy collections photo, you can send me a link or photo to see if I can used that in the future Photohunt Quiz. A proper credit will be given should your photo is being selected. If you are interested in contribution, do contact me.

Drawing and other creative stuff
This is one area I need to put some motivation in. Either to do up my model kits in painting like Hoi Hoi san, Gundam or Keroro, drawing comic and others things creative stuff that keep me happy.

Events and Interview
I hope I can brush up my photography skill to do more coverage for events and interviews.

Toys Selling and Sponsorship
You may notice that I have some toy selling stuff on my blog. The reason I put this up is to get rich or milk you like toy maker who do repaint figures and other crap provide some mean for you who maybe interested in the same figure for my oversea readers. All earning (if there is any) will be put to my baby "Milk powder and diapers foundation" and keep this blog going.

I am open to sponsorships and advertorial too. If you have any fun products regarding toys, games or anything fun, feel free to contact me.

So this is my 2010 Resolution for Open the Toy. Hope to get more support. :D


chubbybots said…
Haha maybe next time you can also start reviewing your kids' toys too :D

I still remember playing He-man figurines on a sunday morning fighting skeletor over my pillows..ah the good old days ^^

All the best for this year dude!
rockleelotus said…
best of luck to you in your resolutions! ^_^b

new dad means baby toy reviews soon to come? :P
LEon said…
I might just do that when he reached about 5. I did have some He-man figures and I would be sharing that in my Childhood Toy Sunday series. :D

Thank you. Baby toys must see if it is really interesting to me. LOL
Well thought new year resolutions! I'm sure everything will go according to your plan. Cheers!
LEon said…
Thank you. I hope so too. Keeping my finger crossed.
astrogalaxy said…
Best wishes with your new year resolutions!
LEon said…
Thank you astrogalaxy. Happy new year to you too. :)

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