31 December 2009

Flash Back 2009

As I am staring at the closure of 2009, I think it is a good time to step back and look at the whole picture of where Open the toy has been.

I started the year with the first purchase of my Mattel Joker which ranked the 2nd place of my Top 10 Favorite list. Shortly I have done up a resolution for this blog. Although I didn't completely fulfill it, it is good to have that as a guide to set the direction for this blog. I was trying out some Quiz to make the blog fun. I decided to talk about my growing toys and cartoon and how I missed the Thundercats. I started a topic of why bootleg toy exist and received many responses. Chinese Lunar New Year came early in 2009 and got busy redecorating the blog for that festival.

My mood on missing some retro figure continue as I talk about my old missing toys such as Convertors Avarians Robat and Rex. I did a review on a pair of Transformers Animated Activator, Bumblebee and Cliff jumper and other Dinobots. I got my hands to build BB Gundam ZhaoYun shortly after.

Due to the increase of readers, I decided to start a Dragonball series called Dragonball Tuesday to share my love for Dragonball. It was then I got invited to go for the Dragonball Evolution movie Screening by an online friend. Although I was disappointed with the movie, some factors made the movie more endurable. As for toys, I shared some of the Tin toys in my collections.

It was around the time Legend of Chunli was screening that I started a Street Fighter Week to bring some sexiness back on the proper street fighter. So I made a Legend of Ryu in protest to save my all time favorite arcade game. We have a NECA Ryu review by Phatomzone, the sharing of my precious Street Fighters Capcom gals gashapon collection and some of my retro Street Fighter trading cards.

We ended March to pay tribute to Matrix movie as it reached it's 10 Anniversary with my matrix kubrick .

I pulled a  successful April fool joke regarding OTTi, a toy line of my own that was way into production. It was so convincing that many congratulated me for my venture. All thanks to TengChia a talented 3D modeler who made the successful deception. I got more personal and shared 6 random things about myself which was a tag game. It was fun to see other responded and get more personal. I took a short holiday with my family and visited some of the Toy shop in Hongkong.

For personal collection toy review, I reviewed my Jedi fighter and my vintage Donatello from playmate. I started a Karmen Rider week with a good friend KazeTora. We covered on the First 10 belts of the karmen riders, trading cards, DVDs and my Mini Karmen Rider helmet collections.

My family got our own Wii that month and I did a Mother Day Special.  I did quite a number of toy review that month with the spoil I took from Hong kong. I began to share my vintage Playmobil toys collection.

Shortly after my Playmobil blog, I got a free gift from a Playmobil collector, Cosmicbaby. Did some photo shoot of my one and only  ANA air stewardess, my very first Maverick Nerf gun and my first Revenge of the fallen deluxe Sideswipe.

I found a retro card machine hidden in my neighborhood and bitched about the need to have more civil minded shoppers. Since I did a mother day special, I did a Father day Special just to be fair. It ended in a sad note when I learned about the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. :(

I visited the Toy Carnival @ SAM and I started the Vader Invasion which was good to see other toy bloggers joined in to share about the number of Darth Vader they owned in their toy collection. As the Transformers movie fever was full grown, I failed and give in to the temptation to get some of Transformers toys. I did a special at the end of the month with Swindle reflecting somethings that is happening in the local toy market.

August has always been my month for obvious reason. I did my first interview with Geek central station of their cute looking amigurumi. I did a special for Singapore National Day with my keroro Gunso! But the main highlight was to be invited to the Opening night of STGCC together with other bloggers. In that same month, I had my First giveway to my reader. OTTi on the other hand get to have his own OTTi paper toy by Little Plastic Man.

I was invited to the Opening of Gundam Fiesta and visited Shaun's Fortress of testicular in person. I started a Doramon month as I was collecting the Doramon Mcdonalds Happy Meal figures. My friend and I were so into the PSP game Project Diva that we decided to remake some of the Project Diva music for fun. I started the Vocaloid series on every Friday for sharing some of  Miku Hatsune's magic.

I attempted to construct OTTi in 3D Max amateurishly but it doesn't turn out well. At the end the month I did a review on Yotsuba and a Doramon giveway.

I acquired a Canon DSLR that month and started to play around with my C.I boys. Shortly I organized a group photoshoot outing for toy bloggers and photographer in Singapore. We had a great time exchanging ideas of photography and passion for our toys.

In that same month, I met up with SGNerf for modification of my Nerf guns. I have the pleasure to revisit some Vintage Mcdonald Happy meal toys in Singapore. On Halloween, Joshua and I had a NECA Raziel review together.

November was a mess, I couldn't get things done the way it should be due to busy schedule and pure laziness.:P However I was happy to get some surprised find like Crayon shinchan from kfc chicky meal, Gundam Guntank and cosplay at AFA09. At the end of the month, I did a first anniversary special for this blog by doing a flash game OTTi cosplay which took a lot of the time away. Was it worth it? Hm...

December was a colorful month with toys review of designer toys like To-Fu, Uglydoll and Domokun! I gave away some toys during Christmas and meet up with other toy bloggers for Christmas night shoot. I did an exclusive interview with Mick baltes who share about the secrets and motivation of his creativity for 12 inch diorama. Finally did a short visit EOY09 for cosplayers and did my Top 10 favorite toys for 2009.

So that's a recap that I personally wanted to hear too. I am thankful for what happened in 2009 for the growth of readership, followers, comments and encouragement. As for what hope for next year, we shall talk about that next year. Meanwhile, Happy New Year in advance. LOL

30 December 2009

My Top 10 Toys of 2009

I promised Shaun to do a Top 10 list of Favorite Toys in 2009 and so here are MY Top 10 toys of 2009 which I had opened and reviewed this year.

10. Doraemon Time Machine Mcdonald Happy Meal

I have been eating fast food for Doraemon series and among the whole series of Mcdonald Doreamon Happy meal toys, Doraemon in time machine has my best love as it resemble the signature pose for various Doraemon comic book cover.

9. Nerf N-Strike Maverick

I had some hesitation to get a Nerf gun but I finally got it. Although I didn't joined any official game, the design and the fun of shooting dart is enough for me. I had a good time playing with it and even did some modification of it. My dogs don't seems to bother by the flying darts from time to time. LOL

8. Dragonball Scouter Stationary

In my Hongkong trip I was looking out for scouter and the only thing that come close was this Scouter Stationary. I know it is not really a toy but I really like it. Maybe I can take the lens out someday to customized or to build my own scouter. You just never know...That's geeky. LOL

7. Mario Kart Wii Gashapon Magnet

The moment I laid my eyes on this set of Gashapons, I knew I have to get it. One of the catalysis was that I just started playing the Mario Kart during that period. To top it off, the toys capture the cuteness and the signature looks of my Mario memories.

6. Gundam BB Zhaoyun Gundam

I have always love the character in the Three Kingdom story. Holding a spear and riding a white horse to bash through thick enemy line just to save his Lord's son. Such loyalty. Since this toy was assembled by me, I have to have some love for him. I am pretty pleased with what I have done in painting thanks to the gundam markers.

5. Domo kun Qee Collection

I totally missed Domo Kun out during my visit to the STGCC 2009 and I swear if I seen it again, I will get it.  For his short stature, he still stood out in the mist of my collection. I have a feeling he is just the beginning of my Domo-kun collection...

4. Swoop Transformers Animated

Among most of my Transformers Animated Toys, I often pick up Swoop to play with it. I just love the way the bird-like feature and it's flexibility. I often keep him in his "chicken" mode when I played with it. :)

3. Ice Bat from Uglydoll

Ice Bat deserved the bronze position in this ranking. The more I look at him, the more I love him. The moment I off my room light, he would stood out to say goodnight to me with his glow (since he has the glow in the dark feature). Plus that silly expression on his face just make me smile as I turned in. Not many toys can put a smile on my face you know.

2. The Joker with Crime Scene Evidence from Mattel

Talking about putting smile on one face, how can I leave the Joker out since he appear quite a few time in my posts? The figure capture the character of the Joker delivered by Heath Ledger for a 5 inch figure. For that he deserved the Silver award. He was the first toy I bought in 2009 (New year day) at a very good price. What a way to start the year.

1. Yotsuba & Revoltech DX Summer vocation set

I guess it was no surprise that Yotsuba get the Gold position. She was a good model with her brilliant smile and I still feel bad that I lost one of  her original part during the photo shoot outing. Regardless of her lost, her smiling face still brighten everything whenever she appear in the photo.

So that concluded my Top 10 Favorite Toys. They are all Opened and I had a fun time with them. That's what toys are for... to open and play. :)

29 December 2009

Dragonball Tuesday Summary 2009

Since we are on the last Tuesday of 2009, it is appropriate for me to do a summary of my "Dragonball Tuesday" started early 2009. Let's do a recap of what we covered so far and if you can, give me some feedback as I will be asking some questions. :)

Seven Gadgets in Dragonball
I did a series of cool gadgets that made Dragonball as what it was. I may have left some out, if I did, please let me know.
1. The Scouter
2. Hoi poi Capsule
3. The Dragonballs
4. The Dragonball Radar
5. The Senzu beans
6. The Nyoibo
7. The Saiyan Armor

Q1. Which one is your favorite gadget?

Six Cool Vehicles in Dragonball
Although the Z fighters can fly, vehicles in Dragonball universe are still cool. Here are some of them.

1. Flying Nimbus
2. Saiya Spacepod
3. Trunkz's Time Machine
4. Bulma's Capsule 9 Motorbike
5. Pirafu Machine
6. Flying Dino

Q2. Which vehicle is your favorite?

I managed to document these down in the whole of 2009 on "Dragonball Tuesday" thanks to your support. This will be a homage to one of my favorite Manga and Animation of all times. I still can't get over the fact that this awesome manga has been around for more than 2 decades.

My "Dragonball Tuesday" will still continue in 2010, I just need more time to gather some thoughts and share with you the wonderful world of Dragonball with it's toys, games and whatever that can do the kamehameha!

28 December 2009

EOY09 Snap shots

I was there for awhile and have to rush off for another appointment.

So here's some (about 30 shots) of the cosplayers I managed to take in that one hour and if you know who they are, please comment so I can share it here. :)

First off Black Rock Star with a light saber. She do look like the one I met in AFA09. (Credit to Sochii that inform me is different person but same costume.)

I have to say they are a growing interest for vocaloid cosplayers.However I yet to see anyone sing and dance.

Harui was there too.

They are quite a number of Miku Hatsune cosplayer that day.

Same Miku with kaito. I think they are an item.

Along came a stormtrooper...Kinda out of place?

Another Miku with her friend.

The bleach epic battle still continue in cosplaying.

Nice uniform and guns.

He look cool...remind me of king of fighters character...thanks to yunamon for telling me he is Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

Here one really from King of Fighters

cosplaying can be a fun gathering.

The more the merrier.

From Macross

I think the cosplayer name is called Shizu playing Lightning from FFXIII.

Some cool poses

You want her card?

Or his punches?

You may need a cleric to heal you

Just hope your name is not written in the Deathnote...

There are a number of Final Fantasy cosplayer that day and you can't missed them as they are so colorful.

Did I hear someone want a close up?

Some of the cosplayers were interviewed by some foreigners on that day too.

Some of them got into the spotlight.

Taiga was rather upset for being left out for not being interview.

The two most popular characters I met were maid and Domokun!

See how popular Domokun is?

The maid was not being left out too.

Why so much attention?

You tell me.

So that's a short field report when I was there in less than one hour and rushed off for another meeting. :)

If you want more of the cosplay happened that day, here some more.

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