31 October 2009

NECA Raziel for Halloween

For Halloween, I decided to review my Raziel from NECA together with Joshua of Stormtrooper Effect as we are fans of the game. What more fitting to have Raziel for Halloween right?

If you are not a gamer, Raziel maybe very foreign to you. He is from Soul Reaver, a story about Vampires which spawn out from another game called "Legacy of Kain" in PS1. Below is the best intro of Soul Reaver 1 video I could find.

Raziel was a downline of Kain and he was one of the first Vampire that goes through evolution. His maker Kain was so jealous of that he strip Raziel wings and threw him down to the depths. There Raziel was given a second chance and a gift to travel freely into material and Special plane to have his revenge on Kain. In the game, he return to condemn the Vampires and Kain.

NECA had made 2 version but I can only afford to get the material version.

NECA offers the following features. Given 24 points of articulations, the figure articulation still did not match up with my expectation. However the looks of the character made up for that.

Time to Open the toy! Splendid figure that capture the essence of Raziel in the game.

skinny on the side? That's how he suppose to be (I'm so jealous!).

Here where it is getting interesting. See the broken wings of Raziel?

You can spread it out like in the game. He can only glide and not take flight as the bones was damaged by Kain.

The full glory of Raziel.

In the game, Raziel has the ability to kill vampire and suck their soul. Be warned that the true Raziel appearance maybe disturbing to some.

Burned by the depths of flowing waters, Raziel suffers tissue burned and this is what it was left of him...even without his lower jaw.

The first thing he did when he return, he found a scarf and cover his face up.

For the accessories of NECA Raziel includes one extra pair of hands(don't really have the use of it), Fire Torch and a spirit energy Soul reaver.

With the spirit Soul reaver on.

it can attached on both his hands.

My favorite accessories of this figure is surprisingly the burning torch

Set the vampire on Fire or for dinner?

The torch is just nice to set the pot on fire.

They said "Revenge is a dish best served Cold"...

But it's Halloween. So let just do the Tricks or Treats instead.

Speaking of Halloween, do you know that in Hongkong Halloween is a public holiday? Why can't we have that here in Singapore?! oh well... Think tonight is a good time for the cosplayers.

Here's my special video for you guys for this Halloween. I just watch Michael Jackson "This is it" anyway and I still feel quite sad for his passing. :(

Anyway Happy Halloween everyone and happy birthday Joshua!

30 October 2009

Miku Hatsune & Michael Jackson

Ever wonder how it's going to be like if Miku do some Michael Jackson moves? Wonder no more. Someone had done quite a job for that.

Billy Jeans. I find Miku is so cute doing the moonwalk.

Miku are you okay? Are you okay Annie Miku!
Who's the Smooth Criminal? I just love the hat and last part of the walking and shuffling of hands.

Can't wait to see Mj movie "This is it!" tonight! I missed MJ... :(

29 October 2009

Sideshow Predator Super Deformed Vinyl Figure - Aliens Vs Predator

Sideshow had came out with some SD Alien Vs. Predator Requiem Vinyl Collectibles designed by Three-B.

I enjoy the SD Predator which stand about 20cm which comes with half in translucent mode.

Offering both Mask off and Mask on.

I always like the Masked on mode. There are 2 more Aliens in the series which in green and blue translucent mode which should be simulated like the view from the Predator Mask view.

Between Alien Vs Predator, who do you support? For me, Predator for the Win!

Click to purchase SD Predator.

Street Fighter IV Voice Command Action Chain or Strap

If you are a diehard Street Fighter fan, this keychain or strap should be "MUST GET" for you! It would be a noob to ask what does this Joystick looking straps does. If you are a pure street fighter fan and given the name of the character on the joystick, you should figure out what to do with it by now.

For those who are not that Geekish (which is not really a bad thing), here's a hint. See the characters moves below? Just repeat the same motion and you will hear something.

With the correct move, the character sound will be activated. Sound easy? It is easy if you do it right. I hope the sound is not that loud tho...

Take your pick between Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim and Chun Li. I guess many will go for Ryu and Ken (I know I would). These product should be out early next month officially.

I always wonder how Dhalsim can speak and blow fire at the same time? Anyone can answer that?

28 October 2009

HOBBY SEARCH will stop selling Adult Goods

This maybe it for some collectors but apparently, HOBBY SEARCH decided to stop selling Adult Goods starting 4th November 2009. More specifically, some of PVC figures, Anime Toys and Magazines, and ALL of Eroges and Adult Mangas will be deleted from their homepage. However, those who pre-order before that Hobby Search still honor their orders.

Although I am not into collecting such figures, I wonder what is their term of Adult figure they are talking about? Those that come with removing clothing figure? does that include Queen Blade from revoltech?

In my opinion, Hobby Search is responsible by making sure one will not stumble into a adult toy unintentionally by giving warning of age limit before displaying the figures.

If that was not enough, they censored the sensitive parts of the figures. This shows that they put in much thoughts for the general public.

So what is the reason for terminating of selling adult figures? All because of Paypal service over their end.

Is that a wise move? I am pretty sure some of the paypal users purchase "Adult stuff". Well, you lose some and win some.

What's your thoughts on this matter?

Quiz: Photohunt #12 Answer

It has been always wars between Starwars and Startrek fans. To be fair, I don't want to take side actually. Just for the records, there was a starwars Photohunt sometime ago.

Anyway here's the answer of the week.

I would like to add that I personally find the latest Startrek movie way better than the whole Starwars Trilogy (1-3) in terms of storyline, pace of the movie and the characters. I am pretty sure the latest startrek movie gain more fans than losing fans like starwars did. Agree?

27 October 2009

Transformers ROTF Ejector Scout Class Toy

My family used to have a toaster and every morning my mother will toast a bread or two for me before I head to school. Never have I imagine that a Toaster will be a transformers. What more, it's not an autobot but a Decepticon.

I vividly remember seeing Ejector appearing in one of the scene in Revenge of the Fallen movie at Sam's house. However I don't remember Ejector look like one of the character found on an old Japanese Mask... Spooky or cartoonish, you tell me.

It look quite comical but what the heck, Mubflap and Skidz looked comical as well. See how silly Ejector looks? Well it is good for coming Halloween I must say.

The transformation of Robot to toaster is pretty straight forward. It all begin with the arms.

Slowing bend his arms backward and bend his body forward.

After a few simple steps, the Ejector became the toaster. I love the toaster mode (which is why I got this figure) more than the robot mode. Reason? It's in the details. The chrome silver paint, the light indicator and the temperature knob. What is missing are the gaps for inserting the bread. It even comes with a 3 pins plug as a tail. Now how cool (geeky) is that?

"Look sir! Droids!"

That's right, the toaster reminds me of Mouse Droid from Starwars than a toaster actually. Don't you think so too?

26 October 2009

Quiz: Photohunt #12

This week we have Spock from eclectorama. He sent his Spock toy around United States to various Star trek fans to host him and snap photos of Spock. This photo was taken by one of Star trek fan, Sarah Pierce who was hosting Spock.

Can you spot 5 differences?

As usual, do feedback with rating indicating how many of the differences you can point out. :)

This quiz answer can be found here.

25 October 2009

Evil Rose Rumble Roses Figure Konami Figumate

Do you believe love at first sight? Okay may lust at first sight then. I was toy shopping around and instantly feel in love with this cute figure from konami figumate for Rumble Roses. Her name is Evil Rose.

Need more details? Here we go. I love her mask especially the pointy horns.

This is not the reason why I get her for.

You can see the color of her hair was purple. Is she related to Trunkz or Bulma in Dragonball?

See the devil's tail?

Decoration of a roses can be seen often even on her boots just to go with her name. Good branding?

She could be too red for some but that's how she suppose to be. A Red devil.

Talking about wrestling. Can you smell what's the rock is cooking?

I got her loose during one of my toy hunt at a reasonable price. She is such a cutie right? Even goes well with my camera bag! LOL

24 October 2009

Replacing my Old PSP buttons

While PSP GO is available in the market, I am still playing with my old PSP 1006 aka PSP Phat. I got it in 2005 and it was a design that is way ahead of his time. For four years in my service, it has been a faithfully accompany me through my daily journey from home to work and back, overseas trips and bedtime music. Even his slim intercessor came out,I was never once tempted to replace him.

When the original batteries die on me (in four years), I have trouble looking for original replacement and in the end settle for a substitution. Not long ago, the buttons gave me some hiccup due to wear and tear while I was playing Project Diva.

I looked around for solution and manage to find rubber padding for buttons. I know I had to open my PSP to do the operation.

For assistants, I have Ratchet to assist me for buttons replacement.

In every electronic of electrical operation, always cut the power source off. For PSP, it is a necessity to remove the battery for unscrewing some parts.

The full video for taking the whole PSP Phat can be found here. Before venturing any such operation, one should always calculate the risk.

In my case, I had to. I only need to open up the front panel for changing of button padding so it's still alright I guess.

I used to have a impression that the enclose PSP should be clean but when I open it up, it was a total different story. The old rubber padding was covered with dirt and the rubber padding was not responsive as it should be.

Just look at it! No wonder it is insensitive as before.

How the dust got in the enclosure left me puzzled. After changing both padding and some cleaning, I am pleased to announce that the replacement operation was a success! Credit to my Ratchet too!

For those who want to know where I got my parts, it is at dealextreme.com.

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