30 September 2009

My Doraemon Giveaway Winner is...

Finally someone is going to walkaway with my Doraemon Giveaway!

But before that, let's go through the answers for those who enter the contest.

1. In the story of Doraemon, he is a Robotic ________?
a> Snake
b> Cat
c> Dog
d> Mouse

2. Doraemon is afraid of ________?
a> Water
b> the Sun
c> Mouse or Rat
d> Cockroaches
It was said that some rats bite off Doraemon's ears.

3. Doraemon is from the ________?
a> Past
b> Present
c> Future
d> Outer Space

4. Doraemon store his gadgets in his _________?
a> Head
b> Suitcase
c> Drawer
d> Pocket
5. How many unique expressions does this Giveaway Doraemon toy has?
a> 3
b> 4
c> 5
d> 6

As there are a number of entries who got all five questions right and as such I have to do a lucky draw in random at my end.

Before the announcement, I would like to thank those who sent in their entries via email and show their interest in getting my Doraemon giveaway.

The winner of my Doraemon Giveaway is ninjovee!

Congratulations ninjovee! An email will be send to you shortly. I am glad to giveaway this Doraemon to a true Doraemon fan.

Here's some consolations for those Doraemon fan.

I have been reading Doraemon since I was seven of age, I never remember seen the ending of Doraemon Manga. From what I know, there was never an official ending of Doraemon. Since the creator is dead, no one actually put an end to the manga. However I happen to stumble upon this version of the ending Doraemon and I felt if this was an official release, it would be a good ending.

In anyway, Doraemon will live forever. That is the beauty of cartoon characters. Never grow old, never die. They just need to be relevant to times in a way or another.

Thank you everyone for your support and most of all to Doraemon for such memories. :) That wrap up the month of Doraemon. Feel free to leave comments of your experience with Doraemon. :D

Quiz: Photohunt #8 Answer

So much about me shamelessly asking for FREE color printer.

Here's the answer for this week Photohunt. :D

29 September 2009

Legend Class Optimus Prime Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

After a long wait, finally found the Legend class Optimus Prime from the movie Revenge of the Fallen at the retail. It's always good to wait.

From the transformation instruction at the back of the card, it look really simple for this small toy.

Optimus Prime has always been a heavy duty truck and in term of details for a legend class, the truck design was as good as it can get.

For comparison sake, I will use the legend class Optimus Prime from the first Transformers movie at all angles.

For transformation, it is pretty easy.

It become obvious for in robot mode who is the better looking one. The ROTF Legend Optimus Prime is a great improvement from the first movie figure.

Better late than never to get things right.

Here's another reason why I pick up this Legend class Optimus Prime. Since I got Jetfire, I need the ROFT movie Optimus Prime to complete and obtain the combination like in the movie.

There's a catchment area at the back of Optimus Prime and a protruding piece from Jetfire plane mode. They are there for the combination mode.

At last the cycle has been completed.

Enhance combination mode?

In vehicle mode, it is possible but not recommended for Optimus Prime to carry Jetfire around.

Something tell me that my Optimus Prime from Transformer movie 1 is not taking things well...

Remember today is the last day for my Doraemon giveaway!

28 September 2009

Awesome Bruce Lee Vs Ironman Stop Motion Video!

One of my dream is to do Stop Motion Animation with toys and looking at this well done piece, really inspiring!

I support Bruce Lee!! :D

Can you name all the four figures in the video? If I am not wrong, Ironman is from Hot toy, Sam and Frodo should be from Sideshow and Bruce Lee i'm not too sure but my best guess is Enterbay. Anyone want to answer that?
Updated: Thanks to Desmond, the 12 inches Bruce Lee is from Medicom.

Maybe some of those 12 inches toy collector can try something like that? :P

Quiz: Photohunt #8

Welcome back to another Photohunt. This week picture is from Little Plastic Man, one of Adrian's customize paper toy, FATS T160 Assault Walker Tomato class (that's a mouth full). Now spot 5 differences!

As usual please rate and indication the star rating. The above photo were taken from here.

If you cannot find the differences, the answer is here.

Talking about paper toys, do you have a color printer at home? If you do, will you download some paper toys to build and play for fun? I do not have a color printer and I do not mind if someone who would like to hand me a working color printer. :D

If you like this series of Photohunt, subscribe to my RSS feed or starting to follow me on Twitter.

27 September 2009

Dorami Batabatafly McDonald Happy Meal Toy

This mark the end of the Doraemon's "Nature" Happy Meal toy collection. I did not collect them all but selectively get them as I know I am gaining weight and too much fast food is not good for me. :P

Dorami, Doraemon's sister make it to my collect because someone important to my life love her, plus it is a practical toy for babies conceptually but it's a happy meal toy, so don't expect too much. Open up the toy, you will see the cute Dorami with 2 of her butterfly wings.

Like her brother in this toy line series (Doraemo roller stamp) Dorami also holding a green leaf on her right hand.

A close up to the leaf. The left serve no purpose as it is purely for decoration.

At her back, that is where the fun gadget of this figure lies.

Attach the wings on her carefully. Do you notice her flowery tail?

With both wings attached, she is ready to take flight.

Now the figure is complete. Time to pull the string on her top to let the wings flip.

When the wings flip, Dorami's eyes will switch. Here is one of the shot in the middle of the pulling. Pretty eyes.

End the end stage, she will give a smiling eyes. So cute right?

Take note on my Doraemon giving away contest that is still on! So if you are truly a Doraemon fan, you may already know the answers to the 5 questions. Have a good weekend!

26 September 2009

When Hello Kitty 1974 meet 2004

Have you ever wonder how your life going to be in 30 years time? I got a Hello Kitty 1974 and a 2004 from McDonald Happy meal 35th Anniversary collections a month back.

Has the world change so much in the last 30 years?

How will the next 30 years going to be? Will the world be a better place?

25 September 2009

Redeliver Packaged for Project Diva

A friend of mine and I had spent countless hours trying to complete Project Diva. TunePimpJ03, being a music enthusiast, has a better grasp of rhythm and tempo and had completed all of the stages in Hard mode and some with Perfect. For me, I managed to get Perfect score in Hard mode for a only a few songs for now.

Somehow the songs in the game grow on us and he decided to play some of the music pieces. Being creative, we try to recreate some of the songs in the name fun. It started to sound so good that we did a recording on it. So here is it!

That's our version of Re:package. If you like this version, you can download it here for free. :)

Feel free to give your feedback to us. We are trying to do more in the days to come. So stay tuned!

24 September 2009

Nerf Office War

They said Office is a war zone. I guess those who are working will agree with me.

I just wish that office war is so direct and not personal but in reality it maybe another case. I do know Sales most of the time doesn't get along with the IT or the Engineers. Anyway I was drooling over the amount of Nerf guns there. Can you list all the Nerf gun in the video?

Most of them are not wearing protective goggles but I am not saying it is a must but the official Nerf encourage them to. But heck I wish I can join in such a fun war zone. I know some may drool over the OL (Office Ladies) than the Nerf guns...

Anyway that's what Nerf gun fun is all about. Shoot and forget but I can't imagine anyone would bring a Nerf gun to work. Would you?

If you are interested to grab a Nerf gun, here's one of the place to get.

23 September 2009

Nintendo Mini Classic

A long long time ago, I can still remember... How these gadgets make me smile.

I know they are old skool but these was what I grown up with. Nintendo Game and Watch. The first portable game console in black and white which was very hot in the the early 1980s. My richer school mates will bring these game consoles and we would take turn to competing high scores. Of course those who play often will get higher scores due to conditioning and practices. Donkey Kong was my all time favorite.

Today Game and Watch are almost gone. But Nintendo had released the mini classic which had the same game like the old days but it is smaller which like a key chain. You can play it with the tip of your fingers. Some of it also come with double screen!

Now you can replay the classic game where ever you are.

Firebox is selling these online with 3 classic such as Donkey Kong Jr, Super Mario Bros and Mario clement factory.

Such classic game always had a place in our heart isn't it?

Quiz: Photohunt #7 Answer

Here's the answer to the last tricky Photohunt. :D

Did anyone guess the right songs you think Nagi is listening to?
According to Ninjovee, It's "Don't Say Lazy" from K-On!

Rock On!

22 September 2009

Giveaway #2 Contest: Doraemon Giveaway

Due to popular demand on my previous Giveaway, I have decided to do another giveaway. Since this is a Doraemon month (All thanks to Mcdonalds Happy Meal Doraemon Nature series Toys), I am going to do a Giveway to all Doraemon fans.

No I am not going to giveaway my Doraemon Happy meal toys collection! Someone in my family will kill me if I do that. :P Instead I am going to give you a much Cooler and practical Doraemon toy! It is so cool that is on video:

Now is this Doraemon cool and fun enough for you? For the benefit of those who cannot see the video, it is a Doraemon key chain with turning eyes which give him different expressions. Just press the pocket looking button and the eyes will spin and stop to give you a different expression. I had endless hours of fun with it whenever I am bored. No worry, the one I am giving away is NEW! I bought 2 as I wanted to give to my dear readers of these blogs.

How to get this toy?

You will need to answer a 5 questions and email me your answers. Do not leave your answers at the comment as everyone can read the comment and may copy your answer if your answer is all correct and that will not be fair. However do leave me your comment once you submitted the answer via email so that I can do double checking in cases that email being lost. I will acknowledge every submission via comment too.

If I received more than one correct answers by the ending date, (29 Sept 2009 Singapore Time), there will go for a lucky draw to determine the winner. You can follow me on Twitter to keep you posted on the timing and progress of the giveaway contest. If you have a twitter account, retweet this for me! Thanks!

Here the list of questions:

1. In the story of Doraemon, he is a Robotic ________?
a> Snake
b> Cat
c> Dog
d> Mouse

2. Doraemon is afraid of ________?
a> Water
b> the Sun
c> Mouse or Rat
d> Cockroaches

3. Doraemon is from the ________?
a> Past
b> Present
c> Future
d> Outer Space

4. Doraemon store his gadgets in his _________?
a> Head
b> Suitcase
c> Drawer
d> Pocket

5. How many unique expressions does this Giveaway Doraemon toy has?
a> 3
b> 4
c> 5
d> 6

If you need hints to the answers, they can be found on the entries regarding Doraemon. :) If you are a fan of Doraemon, you need not need the hints.

I will bare the postage to get this to send to where you are staying for Free if you are the final winner.

Email me your answers now!

Updates: Please give only one entry for a person. Duplicated entries will be consider as one entry and invalid email address will be disqualify.

21 September 2009

Quiz: PhotoHunt #7

This week picture is from Tangerine Tango. The photo above is Nendoroid Nagi, Nagi came from the anime series Kannagi.She's Ninjovee's second Nendoroid and she love her to bits. It was her first figure outdoor shots!Read more on her blog entry here.

Bonus Question: Do you know what song Nagi is listening to?

As usual please rate and indication the star rating.
The answer is here if you cannot find the difference.

20 September 2009

Yotsuba & Revoltech DX Summer Vocation Set

It's a Sunday afternoon and finally I feel like opening a toy that have been with me for almost a year.

Okay maybe it's not that old. This was the second release of yotsuba in the series since I missed out the first one and heck, this is so much better with lots of accessories! :P I hope that will be the same as Drossel.

The reason why I get her is obvious. She's CUTE!

Here's the illustration of her in the Anime/Manga. Whenever I see her smiling face, I feel happy.

It can make many cool poses too!

Time to open the toy to show her full glory!

See the number of Yotsuba's hands?

Additional 3 facial expression but I still prefer the default smiling face.

Last but not least, a well decorated base stand. I simply love the colors.

The reason for me to open her was to bring her out for outdoor shoots.

I love the details of the Bug container.

The T-shirt of Kodomo Usagi is cute too!

I love her sun hat too! In fact I have a same sun hat! LOL

You look great! Do you want to bring your bag as well.

Just switch the bag for your bug box.

I don't think we have time for bug catching.

It will be too rush for time. Please be understanding Yotsuba.

... Alright I guess we can compromise....

Who's the stubborn one in the first place? !!!-_-

Are you even listening...

I guess not. When I am free, I will bring her out for an outdoor shoot.

If you are interested to get Yotsuba for yourself, you can find it here.

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