Winner of my Christmas Giveaway

I would like to congratulate the winners of my Christmas Giveway!

kluxorious, rockleelotus and Leo

The password you need to do is to email me "Merry Christmas!" and your physical mailing address and name so that I can sent Arsha & Peperoguit over to where you are.

Anyway I had a bad week. My harddisk on my PC just broke down and I am in the mist of getting a new one. I just hope things will work out better later this week.


chrismandesign said…
u mean all ur HD, u didn’t hav partitions ??? so bad news... i hope u didn’t lose important info... i hav 2 HD one of them is only for backups & both hav 3 partitions each one... cheers 2 d winners
rockleelotus said…
woohoo thx LEon ^^

sorry to hear about your HDD breaking, did you have your info backed up? hope everything owrks out smoothly.
LEon said…
Yes my hard disk. I have partitions but the whole hard disk broke down. It's quite a old hard disk and I did some backup but the chore of installing the OS and application can be a pain.

You are most welcome. Thank you I have my backups but take time. :)
kluxorious said…
w00t!! This is the first time I had ever win anything! ^^"

Hope your incoming weeks would be better. Thank you for the early christmas present! *hugs*
Leo said…
I'm thankful, a win is a win no matter what. Domo Arigatou=bow.

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