Rocky Davies Mighty Muggs Design

Have you ever wonder what if some real life celebrities being made into Mighty Muggs? Well here's some of time if you can name them all.

The above is designed by Rocky Davies owner of Captain Nerddrk's Artifactorium. He did some of cartoon characters and here's a number of my favorites

Head down to Captain Nerddrk's Artifactorium for more design of his Mighty Mugg!


chubbybots said…
i want spielberg!! He will make a good director for the Toy Room :D

He man will be another good one lol!Nice fine leon ^^
desmond said…
Mighty mugs are not my line..Dash from Paper & Plastic is a great fan of them..
Chris said…
Oh... i never c this b4...
LEon said…
You got good taste! LOL

Ya I think he will be very much interested in this. :)

These are custom design and I hope someday it will be real. :D
astrogalaxy said…
Very Cool artwork!
I think He-Man's war cat or pet cat stands out among the rest. Adorable!

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