Photohunt #19: Christmas time of the year

"Christmas, Christmas time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer."
So for this week photohunt it's Christmas theme. Can you spot all 5 differences?

I think you can find all 5. Once complete, you may view the answer for this photohunt here. Remember to give me your finding by your rating. :D

So what's your plan for this Christmas?


rockleelotus said…
woohoo found all five, nice christmas photo ^^

so far i dont have any plans for xmas here ^^;
desmond said…
No plan for this coming X'mas as need to save money for my housing next year :P
Jcee said…
Good one! Only found 3 of them and my sister got mad because she couldn't find them all LOL

Don't really have plans this Xmas, just stay home and relax for 2 weeks before school starts again. I do have a project or two in mind, I'll post them up if I go ahead with them though.
C.Alv.B said…
Found trhree only..huhuuu..anyway Merry Xmas..
astrogalaxy said…
Almost as always, I'll stay at home on Christmas to avoid the large crowds of people in shopping malls and resturants!

LEon said…
Well done! Spending time with family perhaps?

So stay home and play game?

Enjoy the holiday bro. Will look out for your projects.

Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

Staying home is a good choice. Merry Christmas to you too! :)

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