Photohunt #18: Who's this Yellow Rain Paddington Coat Bear

This week is a Teddy bear in a yellow raincoat, a free toy that come with purchase of some product at a local retail. Can you find all 5 differences?

I have seen this bear comic somewhere before but I couldn't recall the name of this bear. Anyone knows?

If you want to know the answer, you may click here for the answer. As usual give me your rating with the amount of different you spotted. :)

Updates: THanks to Dutch purple Rabbit, I know this bear is paddington bear!


rockleelotus said…
ive seen this bear somewhere before too but dont remember his name.

i think i found all 5 but the link to the answers doesnt have the answers :P
chrismandesign said…
the only bears i like is the Bad Taste Bears... kjakajjkajkjakjakajk they r really cool (& nasty as hell)... myb u know something bout them... i hope so XDDDDDDDDDDD
i looks a lot like paddington bear. he loves to eat marble.

Eric Tan said…
link to answers is wrong
LEon said…
Sorry I have updated the answer. Was in a rush. :P

No I don't know about badtastebear. :)

@the dutch purple rabbit
Thanks! That was the answer I am looking for!

Thanks for your feedback. I have corrected to the right link. :)
chrismandesign said…
ok LEon... then u can check this link they r really B A D T A S T E B E A R S !!! :)))) enjoy it... LOL
LEon said…
Oh! I saw that selling at one of a SG push cart. They do look wicked. LOL
chrismandesign said…
did u saw d Optimus Pervert (not Prime) version with Bumbble Bee ??? kajjkajkajkajkjakjakjkakajkajkajkajkjakjakjakjka it’s absolutely insane recontraLOL... i’m tempted to acquire it when a get some bucks...

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