Photohunt: #17 Batman Studio!

For this week photohunt, Batman fans would eat your heart out at Brian's drawing studio which is full of Batman Toys display.

To help Batman to fight crime, can you spot all the 5 differences?

The above is just a itsy bitsy part of his Batman display. For full view, click here.

Instead of leaving the answer on coming Wednesday post as usual, I will put the answer at this link so in case you have doubts about your answers and you can tally with the answers. Is this way better?

Please try hard before you look at the answer. :)


rockleelotus said…
ahh i counted the one at the bottom right as two differences XD missed batman's leg... well i helped him fight crime a decent amount of crime lol

having the answers this way is neat, but makes it very tempting to just quickly click and peak :P
desmond said…
Only two spotted..
LEon said…
i know the temptation... should I go back to wed answer then? :P

Did you check your finding with the answer?
desmond said…
Yup bro! Thanks!!
Brian A said…
Good job, LEon...Challenging.

I can only find four of them, so far.

:) said…
only 2.. :( my eyes are popin out more.. can i request to have the photos enlarge a little? :)
LEon said…
@Brian A
Thanks for letting me use your studio photo. Glad you enjoy the quiz. :D
Ok I will do something about the size. I will try to make it click on it then bigger picture will display. Give me sometime. :) said…
THANKS loads :) As you know, little girl is growing OLD too.. cant see properly alr :P

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