Photohunt: #16 Answer

The feedback I got for this week photohunt is only 1 out of 5. My bad for setting such a tough one.

I hope this will not discourage you from trying future photohunt quiz.

As for the question can Saber sing, we agree that maybe she can but it does not matter she can sing well or not since she is not a Vocaloid (sing for a living) anyway. :P


rockleelotus said…
ahh the one i found was the red flower. the differences were so subtle but after you point them out its so obvious haha! it was nice to have such a tough one, means i need more practice in noticing little things lol
LEon said…
I think this week is an overkill a bit. So the following weeks will be more easy. :D said…
I have found the hair shadow and red flower :), i sort of saw the negi (onion) but i thought my eye was playing a trick on me.. hahah! nice one!! you're getting better at editting :D
LEon said…
thanks for the feedback. The following photohunt will be easier. :D

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