The making of Miku Hatsune: Melody of Life

By now some of you may already know about Vocaloid but do you know vocaloid is actually a program that use voice to simulate real singer to make music? I used to think it was some gal singing at a studio covering for Miku but I was wrong.

I am going to share with you the soul of Miku Hatsune that may change your point of view totally. If you wish to continue your fantasy of Miku as a real person somewhere, you may want to stop reading, it still not too late.

You are still reading this? Here's the magic behind Miku? It maybe scary some and this maybe your final Fantasy as Miku is doing a LIVE for Final Fantasty Soundtrack Melody of life in Japanese. Click on the video and see the truth for yourself.

Updated on 15 Sept 2010: The video was discontinued by youtube... :( So here's the vocal of one I find in replacement.

That was Miku program which was arrange flawlessly. The vocaloid program was developed by Crypton Future Media which utilizes Yamaha's Vocaloid2 technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors.

So as wonderful it may sound, do remember it is just a simulation of a program not a real person. The true skill is in the master composer hands. So after you know the truth, how do you feel?

Easter Egg: The first male English Vocaloid program is name Leon. Hey! I am a Vocaloid. Maybe I should draw an animation version for that. :P

By the way, they are now trying to send Miku off to Venus by voting for that project.


kluxorious said…
thank goodness i'm not crazy about miku! lol
Amirul said…
Eh remember me? haha.
LEon said…
Really? You got to listen to her music more. LOL

Yes I remember you. Thanks for dropping by. :)
Does it mean that what ever voices that goes in, it will sound like Miku? Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
The computer uses Miku to construct pronunciation and the tone or the key to mimic a person singing every single steps. I hope you get what I mean. :)
Amirul said… if i bump into you or any meet ups invite me in? xD
you take care mate.
thedoorknob said…
I don't fully believe that Miku is just a program ^^ I've worked with her before and she's quite beautiful. However she has a very strong Japanese accent so she's not ideal for singing in english ^^; But I will always love her <3
LEon said…
Sure. Why not. :)

Indeed. Miku should just stick to singing Japanese. No complain about that. I love her persona too. :)

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