Lego Gun that got him SWAT visited

Jeremy Bell was fixing up his Lego looking gun from online in his office and shortly the SWAT team visited his office. Apparently the neighbour from the opposite window saw the gun and infrom to the local police. You may read more of Jeremy's account at his blog.

Here's a new video about the incident.

So what's that brick gun about?

Jeremy bought this Semi-auto lego gun that come magazine slot at

The gun do not fire Projectile and thus never act as an weapon. So that's is safe but not safe for children under age of 5 due to small part. :)


It's wonderful how basic building bloc can create. They have for gundam and zaku too.
LEon said…
You mean Lego or brickgun have gundam or zaku?
chrismandesign said…
my brick-like-brain tells me that this gun rocks (& fire???) just like the Lego’s gundam rx-78 (too expensive 4 my taste ;(...) i saw somewhere... said…
This is cool if it can fire projectiles :) will be more worth it to collect it :D
Jcee said…
Thanks for the good laugh when I saw this at school today. Funny thing is he's not far from my school too! haha!

Looks cool though!
LEon said…
Fire projectiles can be dangerous. Lego brick quite hard.

Really? Near your school? So you getting one?
chrismandesign said…
errr... my error, it was not a Lego, but a Mega Bloks RX-78-2 gundam... but in price concerns i was right... expensive... & where? well, a friend of mine just shown me that piece, i dunno where he got it...
chrismandesign said…
correction... uhmmm i see one of them (out of stock) on hobby link japan & a zeta gundam (available) & a zaku gundam (out of stock)
LEon said…
thanks for the clarification. :)
Ant Sized Man said…
would be super bad luck abiut getting the swat round.
Seen lots of amazing lego contructions on flicker.
chrismandesign said…
but i’m wondering if the SWAT team sent to this collector was o group of minimates... kjakjakjakjakjkajkajkajkjakjakjakjakjak super LOL
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
I wont called it a bad luck. It's an harmless experience.

that I am not sure. :)

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