EOY09 Snap shots

I was there for awhile and have to rush off for another appointment.

So here's some (about 30 shots) of the cosplayers I managed to take in that one hour and if you know who they are, please comment so I can share it here. :)

First off Black Rock Star with a light saber. She do look like the one I met in AFA09. (Credit to Sochii that inform me is different person but same costume.)

I have to say they are a growing interest for vocaloid cosplayers.However I yet to see anyone sing and dance.

Harui was there too.

They are quite a number of Miku Hatsune cosplayer that day.

Same Miku with kaito. I think they are an item.

Along came a stormtrooper...Kinda out of place?

Another Miku with her friend.

The bleach epic battle still continue in cosplaying.

Nice uniform and guns.

He look cool...remind me of king of fighters character...thanks to yunamon for telling me he is Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

Here one really from King of Fighters

cosplaying can be a fun gathering.

The more the merrier.

From Macross

I think the cosplayer name is called Shizu playing Lightning from FFXIII.

Some cool poses

You want her card?

Or his punches?

You may need a cleric to heal you

Just hope your name is not written in the Deathnote...

There are a number of Final Fantasy cosplayer that day and you can't missed them as they are so colorful.

Did I hear someone want a close up?

Some of the cosplayers were interviewed by some foreigners on that day too.

Some of them got into the spotlight.

Taiga was rather upset for being left out for not being interview.

The two most popular characters I met were maid and Domokun!

See how popular Domokun is?

The maid was not being left out too.

Why so much attention?

You tell me.

So that's a short field report when I was there in less than one hour and rushed off for another meeting. :)

If you want more of the cosplay happened that day, here some more.


yunamon said…
ChibiRanka on the poster is so cute~!

The one you thought from KoF is actually Snow from FFXIII.

Same goes for the one you called Shield... She's Lightning from FFXIII as well...
rockleelotus said…
you got some great shots for being there a short time! ^^ the BRS and final fantasy costumes looked really good, so did the kenshin one.

...and that maid is just unbelievably cute! O_O *dies*
LEon said…
Thanks for the info! :D

Thanks. I just snap away only. They are others great cosplayers that day but I only managed to catch these. :)
chubbybots said…
Fwah...really eye candy for the eyes :D Leon that last picture made my day haha ^^ Pink maid dress nicessuu!!
kluxorious said…
That's the best Kenshin I've seen so far and holy cow someone cosplayed Luppi?! Much love to him =3
LEon said…
Thanks. Glad you like it. If you are there in person you can request for a photo with the cosplayers.

You are correct. Kenshin cosplayer quite solid and that is why he was being interview by some foreigners. Luppi was equally good too but I can't make out if is a he/she for the cosplayer that day. Basically the whole Bleach gang is there in their group.
I couldn't make it to this due to work commitment. Thankfully, you brought this to me! Awesome cosplay of high standard.
LEon said…
You are welcome. I was in a rush too. :)
The BRS coser is not the same one 8D;;; she borrowed the cos from my Miku though, one of our good friends.

head of RP's JCC interest group.

as for the lightning coser, her name is Shizu.
LEon said…
Thank for the info! Were you there that day?
astrogalaxy said…
Great Shots! Interesting!
desmond said…
Wow, a lot of sexy youngters..I love it. Where is the place for this event?
LEon said…
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

It was at Singapore national Library near Bugis. The standard of cosplayers have greatly improved. :)
Chappy said…
NYAA! That Taiga is kawaii! Why Why Why do i have to be sick on that say? T^T
Amirul said…
omg.my modem broke and now on my back up internet.Ah i'm late reading the post and updating my blog.Btw,nice meet you there again leon. haha. and the maid,shes 15 years old . :l
LEon said…
So far Taiga I saw in AFA09 and EOY09 all are cute! I think there will be a SOY10 soon right?

What? The maid is 15 years of age? You shouldn't have told us her age...now she maybe in "grave danger" on the next cosplay. LOL

Anyway you know who cosplay the Domokun? My guess is a kid due to the stature. Somehow the maid was his/her friend as I saw her helping Domokun out.
sei.mn said…
AWW!! i didn't knwo there's a cosplay event!!! :( Let me know if there's more cosplay events upcoming!! :D
LEon said…
Okay I will try to update such news on my blog. :)

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