Calendar for a New Year 2010

In the beginning of 2009, I did two version of calendar desktop wallpaper with Transformers Animated theme. I wonder anyone uses it.

Since we are closing in to the new year, I decided to do a new set of calendar for 2010 for everyone using some of my original stuff. Due to my schedule, I have only managed to do up one for January 2010. If the response is good (comment if you have downloaded and use it so that I know), I will continue to do for the following month.

I will be offering two popular screen resolutions in 1024x768 and 1280x800. If you want other resolution, please feedback by comments or via email and I try to find time to do so.

If you like my wallpaper, here are a couple of ways to ease you waiting for the next month calendar:
- If you have a RSS reader you can subscribe to my RSS feed
- If you have a Twitter account, simply follow (or talk to) me via twitter
- If you want the update of the calendar and other stuff from time to time, you can join in my mailing list in my group by
entering your Email:
Rest assure the mailing is just for informing from time to time.

Some of you maybe wondering who are those two maid from, I am pretty there are others here who know the answer. Where this photo is taken is another question. :)


chubbybots said…
Ohh I love maids :D Its have having my own maid cafe on screen haha ^^. Thanks for the nice wallpaper!
Nice pic, but I don't know which anime these maids are from. Is it taken at home before steamboat buffet? Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
Thanks for your support.:D

The food in the background is not real food. I took that in one maid restaurant in SG.
chrismandesign said…
kjajkkjkajkjajka u giv me some ideas... so as a graphic designer, i’m gonna design one calendar page, then we can exchange... it’s a curious way to trade... uhu i need one 1680 x 1050, which resolution need u???
LEon said…
I didn't know you are a graphic designer. I am using more to 1024x768. :P
rockleelotus said…
ohhh maids to serve up the new year :P love it.
LEon said…
Glad you like them. :D
chrismandesign said…
i decided to design a wallpaper instead of calendar... available in 1024 x 768... =O
LEon said…
Great! Will wait for that. :)
Karianne said…
Wow this is great! I know I'm a little late finding it but I'll still use it. Thanks! ^^

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