Arsha & Peperogu as Christmas Giveway

Today we have a review and giveaway for Arsha & Peperogu are from Monster World IV, a Mega Drive game in 1994. Don't worry the figure is not that old as the game. :)

Arsha was a brave young gal who heard spirits pleading for help and decided to embark on a journey to help them.

Peperogu was adopted by Arsha as a pet. As cute as he is, he has the ability to resist flame which was helpful to Arsha as she went about her mission.

This toy version is from Yujin gashapon Sega Gals Collection 2 and I am going to giveaway 3 of this toy (new unopen packaging) to 3 lucky readers anywhere around the world Free for Christmas!

To enter this giveaway, just do the following:
1. Leave a comment with the starting line "I want Arsha & Peperogu for Xmas!" and contact me with your email details before 15 December (Singapore time) so that I can tally your identity with your comment.

2. I will then sent an email back to you to acknowledged your entry. By then you will have my email address.

3. The results of the 3 lucky winners will be mention on my 16 Dec post with a password on that post. The winner will need to email me back with that password to confirm your identity in order to claimed the prize.

Please limit to 1 toy to 1 person so that others can have one.
If you just want to comment about this figure you can do so too. :)


kluxorious said…
I want Arsha & Peperogu for Xmas! XD
Ha! Ha! Peperogu really looks like Haro from Gundam series. Nice pics taken.
chrismandesign said…
c’on... r u kidding ???
rockleelotus said…
I want Arsha & Peperogu for Xmas! :P
LEon said…
Thank you for your entry. Result will be soon out. :)

Now you mention it, peperogu really look like haro...just the different is the ears.

No I am not. I am giving this away as a Christmas present. Even postage paid for. :)

Thank you for your entry. Result will be soon out. :D
Leo said…
I want Arsha & Peperogu for Xmas. They sure are a cute couple of characters. And the give away yeah! :)
LEon said…
Thank you for your entry. Result should be out soon. :D

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