Supersize Nintendo DSi LL

On 21st of November, Nintendo is going to release the Nintendo DSi LL after Nintendo DSi which was release earlier this year.

The new console is bigger and comes with two 4.2 inch screens instead of two 3.2 inch screens. The new screens will also allow wider angle viewing for groups viewing. DSi LL also offer additional 3 to 4 hours battery life, about 9 to 11 hour range under mid-level brightness and 4 to 5 hours in max brightness.

Each DSi LL comes with additional fat pen like stylus which is meant for home use. It will bundle with two Brain Age games and an unreleased dictionary program.

Apart from it, it is not much different than the former DSi. Each will be selling at 20,000 yen in Japan with Dark Brown, Wine Red, and Natural White to choose from.


iq40 said…
Hmmm... maybe I'll just wait for the final incarnation of the DS before buying this handheld like I did when I bought my Gameboy Micro. I'm cheap that way. Hehe!
LEon said…
you have a valid point. I can understand that. :)
I'll save my money on Iphone instead.
LEon said…
Dennis, you do that. :)
chunky B said…
Seems to be against trend by going larger, I mean I can see it to accommodate the larger screens, but just seems weird.
LEon said…
Maybe most of the gamer is getting older like going to their 40s and thus need bigger screen.

Or they need to do some upgrades and having a bigger screen seems like a logical choice. We never know. You own a NDS?

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