Remember Remember the month of November

What's going on in November at Open the Toy? This will be a special month as we are counting down to our first Birthday. For that, we have a number of special program install.

Like the replacement of my Yotsuba missing hair which I am not certain of the success rate..

and some of the toys review and some of which you least expect.

Another special will be some interaction with OTTi for the first time. An interview will be done with him and you are free to post question to OTTi and he will answer you in the interview.

That seems like a lot of work but I think it is worth it. Right OTTi?

For Singapore Anime scene, it would be an exciting month as the Anime Festival Asia 2009 is happening this month on 21th and 22th of November. A bonus for me is Miku Hatsune get to appear and do her numbers in the Concert on the first day.

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Well, there's a lot for me to look forward to. Seems like you have quite a number of figmas?
LEon said…
I only have a handful of figma. Those 3 in the photos are from revoltech. :)
Ant Sized Man said…
Only a year old, quality site being that young. I thought been doing this for years with how great it looks.
Looking forward to it and hope you somehow get a new hair piece for Yotsuba.
LEon said…
Thanks Ant Sized Man for your constant encouragement and support. :D You have a great site too!

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