Quiz: Photohunt #14

This week, we have a lovely doll from the collections of thedoorknob. Can you spot all 5 difference?

The doll name is Shiro from Dream of Child (DOC). His sculpt is a DOC Si and is a very special doll to doorknob. Beside collecting dolls, Nendoroid and other Anime figures, she also into cosplay and did some D.I.Y stuff for herself.

By the way, is this Photohunt hard for you?

The answer can be found here.


ninjovee said…
I suck at this D:
I was staring for 10 mins and didn't find anything! Dx
LEon said…
Is it that difficult? 0_o |||
rockleelotus said…
got all 5 in 2 mins woot!

for some reason this one was a bit easier for me, the other have been tough! lol
thedoorknob said…
Thank you so much for using my image ^^ !
and... I still haven't been able to find more than 3 differences! ^^;
LEon said…
Maybe you are getting better at this game? :)

You are welcome. The differences are more into the details. :)
Jcee said…
You are getting good at doing these! I can only find 3 of them too!
LEon said…
Thanks. I got 3 feedback putting 5 Stars at the rating. That mean 3 person should get all 5...Hm....I wonder who is it.

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