30 November 2009

Photohunt #16

During my recent group outdoor photoshoot gathering, I met with one of the youngest toy blogger, scorchnroses in the group who also a Canon DSLR user. Regardless his passion on Anime and toys, he is a pretty bright student who preform well in his recent examination.

One question. Do you think Saber can actually sing?


thedoorknob said...

... I can't find a single difference. You're too good at making these T.T *continues staring*

I don't think Saber can sing. I cosplay a vocaloid and it has yet to improve my singing abilities, so I don't see why Saber should be any different!

LEon said...

I have to admit this week photohunt is quite a tough one. I will try to reduce the difficulties of the ones to follow. :)

Do you dance as well when you cosplay vocaloid? For me cosplayer may not need to sing but dancing sure will help when she cosplay some songs of vocaloid while the music play in the background. Miku Miku. XD

thedoorknob said...

I actually do dance, and I designed my vocaloid in part for that purpose ^^; I teach the Parapara panel every year at Bakuretsucon. Love and Joy is one of my favorite dances :D

ninjovee said...

I only found one Dx
You're really good at these things
Nendo Saber Lily never ceases to make me keel over her cuteness. >w< I can't wait for mine to get here ;~;

rockleelotus said...

omg i only found 1 XD this one is tough! will try again later...

i think Saber can prolly sing, but dunno if she can sing well ^^;

LEon said...

Wow! you got to show us your youtube. :D

I admit I made this more difficult...too difficult I think. Hope your Nendo Lily Saber reached you soon. :D

Which one have you discover? You are right that saber can sing but singing well is another question. LOL

sei.mn said...

I'm done with it.. makes me feel even dizzier... found 2...

LEon said...

I think you are the one holding the highest record so far. Sorry for making it too challenging.

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