Photohunt #15

"C is for cookie, cookie is for me!"

This week photohunt we have a favorite character of mine from Sesame Street, Cookie Monster.

Quick! Shot 5 differences before everything is eaten up by Cookie Monster!

There are many characters (Muppets mainly) in Sesame Street that I loved. Maybe not Elmo. I am old skool remember? So what's your favorite characters from Sesame Street?


Jcee said…
I can only find 4 of them! Man I suck at these lol
rockleelotus said…
yeah got all 5!
didnt really watch sesame street as a kid, but i always thought cookie monster was funny since he went crazy for cookies lol
LEon said…
Getting 4/5 is quite something. Don't be discourage. You can find the last one after a little while. :)

Congratz! Cookies for you! :D

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