Miku Hatsune LIVE

This could be how it is going to be on AFA09 tomorrow. This was taken from Animelo Summer Live 2009. Miku appear out to talk to the crowd like a real concert singer interaction (in Japanese) with the audiences. For black rock shooter fans, this video is a bonus. Please ignore the texts on screen. I have no idea why they were there as well.

This is how Miku performed in her 2nd Anniversary live concert by 3D projection on glass panel which make her look 3D.

Thank God they used PSP Project Diva Miku. The fans were on Fire!!

Now just have to wait for reports for Miku Hatsune at AFA09 to see if Miku is on from screen or by "3D" projection.


thedoorknob said…
I've seen the first video you posted but 3D-projector Miku is new and AWESOME!!!! It's my dream to see Miku live... I can only hope they'll bring her to Otakon someday!
Rather unbelievable to see the capacity crowd for this virtual idol or should I say idol.
LEon said…
I'm sure you can get to see that in the near future. :)

Some of them even believe she is real. :)

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