Goku's Kamehameha Wrist Bands Set from Bandai

Kamehameha (亀破波, かめはめは), one of the signature move that define in Dragonball series. I recalled countless time doing that action in residing the phase "Kamehameha" and hoping that somehow someway that a ball of Ki will appear hitting everything I desire it to hit.

Too bad during my time, there are no toy that does that. However the kids are much more lucky now to get to have a wrist band that can simulate the action with light and sound.

All you need to do by wearing it, you follow the action and Goku will sound the Kamehameha with a flash of light pointing at that direction.

Here's the commercial of the toy. Apparently it seem like it can do even the charge function and give out vibration when you release the Kamehameha. COOL!!

This gadget is from the new Dragonball Kai series. Here's a Dragonball Tuesday for you. Kamehameha!


Really fun gadget for the kids. Even more fun if your kids get the costume. It's cosplay for kids too. Ha! Ha!
chunky B said…
That is pretty cool, sometimes I think the roll play toys are more inventive than the standard action figure.
LEon said…
I want the costume instead. I never get to own one of that goku suit before...

You are right. It make it more creative play. Just like holding a lightsaber.

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