The fever of Miku Hatsune coming to AFA09?

The news of Miku Hatsune is going to appear on stage during AFA09 was out months ago. But what would should we expect from Miku? Are the fans ready for her?

Here's Miku appearing on To A Live Event Starring Miku From Vocaloid at a Japanese PSN Home promoting Project Diva on PSP. Although it is virtual, the fever of Miku was very intense.

Did you see those Miku cosplay virtual character?
Can you see the fans holding leek on their hands?
Did you notice whenever Miku appear, those fan are cheering and trying to get her attention?
Did you see some fans trying to mimic her dance step?

I am pretty sure Miku will be doing the same number at AFA09. But will you be there holding a leek, cosplay as Miku and doing her dance move?


Jcee said…
omg that song is so addictive! Now I have it in my head! lol
LEon said…
Jcee, that what happened to me. Soon you would want to dance like Miku according to the song cos she is so cute in PSP project Diva. XD
Miku's name is getting bigger these days. Thx for the first introductory and I this song is still my personal favourite.
LEon said…
You are most welcome Dennis. More of Miku Hatsune next Friday! ;)
thedoorknob said…
Yes, yes, yes and yes!
I reallyREALLY wish I could see Miku live. When I heard she was going to be at AFA09 I squealed... too bad for me, there's not conceivable way for me to go. Such is the pain of being a vocaloid fan in the States. The least I can do is to make her voice my own and spread vocaloid love. I enjoy learning her dances too! this one just added to my list ^^
LEon said…
It would be fun to dance in group what miku dance. If you want, you can share your video of the dance move on youtube :P

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