30 November 2009

Photohunt #16

During my recent group outdoor photoshoot gathering, I met with one of the youngest toy blogger, scorchnroses in the group who also a Canon DSLR user. Regardless his passion on Anime and toys, he is a pretty bright student who preform well in his recent examination.

One question. Do you think Saber can actually sing?

29 November 2009

My First Visit to Play Imaginative @ ILUMA

Last night my family and I decided to pop by Iluma. It was our first time there and I was on a objective to visit Play Imaginative as they were having a TO-FU promotion 1 for 1 which happen on 8pm to 12pm that day. We were there around 7pm and I was happy to see something familiar there.

I saw the sign!

Lots of TO-FU on display.

They come in many sizes.

A Blank TO-FU for you to customize...

and some Smery TO-FU and Friends were on discount for that day!

But I was eying for these guys as they will be having an offer that day.

TO-FU Mollys too come in different designs and sizes.

Take your pick

Slander Snake, they are cute and harmless

Cheeky & Smiley Mao Cat... the more I look at them, the more I love them.

The UGLYDOLL design grow on me too. More of Uglydoll?

Ninja Town anyone?

There are Gloomy Bear too...Wicked!

Beside toys, they have other designer stuff like notebooks, T-shirts, pillow cases and other Stationary.

So what did I bought beside TO-FU? I bought one of these UGLYDOLL action figure

One of UGLYDOLL action figure ICE-BAT that glow in the dark

Lastly one of this Domo which I missed out during STGCC09.

You may read about my toy review of the two To-Fu I purchased here.

Meanwhile you may want to visit Play Imaginative at 201, Victoria Street, #01-21, ILUMA. :)

28 November 2009

My First OTTi Cosplay Game!

Most of this week post are on cosplay. Since we are in that spirit plus "Open The Toy" Anniversary week, I think it would be fun for OTTi to dress up as well. Here's a game I done up for you to Dress OTTi up. I would like to thank TunePimpJ03 for the game music. :)

Game instruction:
- Drag and drop the pieces of costume for OTTi using your mouse click one at a time.
- Click on Restart to clear the clothing pieces
- Have fun but the program may not be perfect. :)

I hope you have fun. Did you see some familiar costume in the game? Some of which is what I love to have. Do you know there is an Easter egg in game? (Hint: Try to click around during the game). Most "Hentai (pervert)" will got that part. :P

Do you like the game? Your rating and feedback are welcome. :)

27 November 2009

Starwars continue with Family Guy

This could be better than Starwars episode 1 to 3 of the original saga. No joke.

Well I sure look forward to that. What about you?

Vocaloid Cosplay in Singapore 2009

It's Friday and for Vocaloid fans, here are some cosplayers in Singapore dressing up as them.

If you are the cosplayers in the photo below and want me to link you, please leave a comment in this post and I will give credit and link to you on this post.

They are quite a number of Vocaloid cosplayers that day but I only managed to snap some of them. Akaito, Miku, Rin and Kaito.

For Rin's fan, eat your heart out! I find that she is one of the best Rin I saw that day personally.

The color of Rin stand out more in cosplay especially the headphone. More ipod looking right?

For Black Rock Shooter fans, here one for you with Kaito (Cosplayer Sochii and Lawliet) look really cool!

I heard there are many Miku hatsune cosplayers around but here is one that I find is quite close to the character that day.

For those who's wondering what she is holding, they are leek.

It's coming to the end of the day and the cosplayers were tired but she keep the spirit up for those who want to take photo of them. Bravo to them.

It's always good to cheer them on!

Some fans just want to join in when I trying to snap Miku. I hope they are vocaloid fan. LOL

Anyway let's end this post with a Leek background song in Project Diva. It's really cute especially the dance step.

Remember to eat your vegetable! LOL

26 November 2009

Happy One year old

Dear Open the Toy readers,

One year ago today I started this blog for my passion on toys. Through my journey of blogging, I have since reaped many rewards. Since this is exactly one year (1st Anniversary), I would like to give some updates about this blog and share something with you at a personal level.

My Toys, My Life
Toy blogging has given more meaning to my toy collection. I used to play with my toys but as I grew up pounded hard by the expectation as an adult and cold reality, I lost much of the joy for being creative and imagination such as making up stories. With toy blogging and photography, I found a new release in my imagination and creativity with toys.

Some of you may notice that I have not been doing much of my toy reviews. That is because I do not have much budget to buy new toy am quite tired up with some family and work commitment.

I would like to apologize for the amount of project I have spoken but yet to get it done such as setting up of Hoi hoi-san figure, replacement hair part of my yotsuba and more stories of OTTi. These are constantly on my mind but after meeting each day challenges, much of my energy were drained away. Nevertheless, some things are set into motion (Look out for this weekend post) and I hope for the next month, I will be more free to come out with more fun content. Your understanding and constant support (like commenting) are always appreciated.

I am grateful that blogging had opened new doors for me to attend toy related event previews thanks to the generously the event organizers such as STGCC and Gundam Fiesta. I would like to thanks the cosplayers at AFA too. :) I made the most contacts at events and I hope in the days to come, I can be invited to do more coverage and if possible some advertorial. ;)

This is perhaps the most tangible reward for the entire year of blogging. I am grateful to know that I am not alone in the world in the toy blogging. Friends has open me up to a bigger world. Through blogging I met toy bloggers, collectors, resellers, toy model kit makers, 3D animators, Anime lovers, Toy customizers, Cosplayers, Photographers and even Musicians around the world.

I would like to thank all my readers and bloggers for their support in subscribing to my RSS, following me on Twitter, putting link to this blog, participation in my quiz and giveaway, joining my group outings and events and most of all leaving interactive comments to show that you care. This blog will not be the same without you.

Thank you for being there for "Open The Toy" and me.

Since December is around the corner, look forward to some of my activities like Giveaways and if time permits some outings. :)

Many Thanks,

25 November 2009

Cosbaby Disney Friends Christmas Version Hottoys

It's exactly one more month to Christmas.

Cosbaby from Hottoys had come up with a Disney series for this Christmas. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will come in a set. Why is it Donald Duck instead of Minnie Mouse?

I know they are a fair share of fans who do not like Donald Duck. I am NOT one of them. Instead I love the character of Donald Duck more than Mickey Mouse.

If you are thinking of getting a toy for this Christmas for some gals, this maybe a perfect gift to them.

You can get Cosbaby Disney Christmas Friend set here!
Disney Friends Christmas Cosbaby Set - Mickey and Donald

When I see Christmas toys, the first thing that come to mind is... the year is coming to an end again... Emo...

24 November 2009

Cosplayers Outside AFA09 Part 2

As we go on for today mainly female cosplayers photo, feel free to cast a vote which is the nicest photo I have taken.

If you are the cosplayers in these photo here and want me to link you, please leave a comment in this post and I will give credit and link to you.

As cosplayers, they have funs in group.

Posing for groups photos...

Credit of Panther for identifying them Iron Tager, Taokaka, Ragna the Bloodedge and Kisaragi Jin, all from the same game Blazblue.

Or pose alone. Most of them will put on a cool look for the character they are cosplaying.

but they can be playful at times

but most of the time staying cool.

If you are going to take photograph of them, do it with respect. Most are sweet branch.

* The above cosplayer is Sochii doing Kaito from Vocaloid, Black Rock Shooter version.

Else they can be rather cold toward you.

I didn't learn the hard way. I always make sure they are posing then I went ahead to take their shots.

*Courtesy of Panther for identifying them as Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

Here's some teams of K-On!

School uniform version.

Yoko Ritona of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann is there too!

She is quite popular that day.

Here's Yoko platform shoes. :)

If you are a Claymore fans...

guess who is Clare?

This group of cosplayers are quite professional.

*Courtesy of Panther for identifying them as Naja Gurefu, Morute Ashera and Lia Dragonell from World Destruction.

Agree with Panther that Lia look outstanding there.

Here's Hexlord with the cosplayers he know well.

Talking about Hexlord, this shot is taken by him using my camera to show me some photography technic.

Cosplay has no age barrier. Here's some cute looking gals. Know who she is?

It's Taiga!

Here's Mini Misa from Deathnote. She can be deadly if she know your name and face.

so it is best to approach her like this. :P

Do you think maybe someday my blog will have a female cosplayer or two to support? Well will put that on my wishlist. :)

I had a good time meeting Fuzzy and his brothers and bloggers, panther, Anjerasu and some of the bloggers and photographers that day (If I left you out please contact me so I can add you here). We had a late lunch, chit chat and take some photo of toys.

Mostly Fuzzy took the photos. LOL

Visit Hexlord photos for more cosplay coverage that day. Day 1 and Day 2

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