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Vintage Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys in Singapore

15 October 2009

Today I have the honor to have BeachSky to share with us some of his personal collection of Singapore Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys from 1980s to 1990s. This would be a walk down the memory lane for some of us.

In the late 1980s, Mcdonalds had some brilliant marketing to have some Lunar new year Happy meal toys and here are some of them.

Ronald McDonald Lunar New Year greetings.

In the Chinese Zodiac year of the Dragon (1988), Mcdonalds offer four Dragons with an auspicious names for the Chinese collectors. If my memory served me well, the four dragons names were 富贵吉祥 (Wealth, Prosperity, Lucky and Auspicious). Don't asked me which is which in the picture tho...

Update: Thanks to Juliana, The 4 dragons are 富 (yellow), 贵(blue), 吉 (green) & 祥 (purple).

Remember the Muppet Babies? They have their own cartoons in the late 80s. I remember everyone of these in the series had a vehicle. Some of them missing in photo was Kermit the frog which is my favorite.

Chip Chip Chip & Dale! Rescue rangers was a spinoff cartoons that made it in McDonald Happy meal toys. Vehicles seems popular to kids.

Here's Garfield on vehicles too!

And Fraggle Rock by Jim Henson on vehicles.... I will always remember about "Dear nephew Gobo...." where the uncle went outerspace which is our world amusing.

As for these below was the only one that BeachSky and I are unsure of. They look like the singing potatos of Mcdonalds before they become fries kids to me. BeachSky think there were the Nuggets... maybe they got over cooked or season with BBQ sauces? LOL

Updates: Here's is the answer to my question.

If you know anymore information on them, do comment so that we will all know the truth. Feel free to comment if you have more vintage Mcdonalds toys to share.

Once again thanks to BeachSky for sharing his collection with us here on Openthetoy. :D

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Little Plastic Man said...

Good Times...I miss my youth...

15 October, 2009 10:58
Juliana said...

Hi LEon,

The last photo shows the "singing McNuggets". They came with hats and belts and if I recall correctly, their overall dressing were like cowboys and cowgirls.

The 4 dragons are indeed called 富贵吉祥 - 富 (yellow), 贵(blue), 吉 (green) & 祥 (purple) :)

15 October, 2009 11:16
LEon said...

@Little Plastic Man
Sure is. I was so skinny then. LOL

Thank you for the info. I do remember the Nuggets come with hats like cowboy now.

15 October, 2009 12:57
Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry about them missing the accessories.. but I managed to find them! Here's the updated pic of them wearing them although I am not sure whether are they wearing their correct accessories.


15 October, 2009 15:39
LEon said...

Thanks BeachSky for the updates! Add in now!

15 October, 2009 15:49
Kenny said...

OMG... i used to have these!

15 October, 2009 16:47
Juliana said...

Does BeachSky want some more of these 80's McDs toys? I've got a set to donate. They are the Ronald McDonalds friends and their playground set. Sorry no photo yet though...

15 October, 2009 20:52
LEon said...

I used to have it too but somehow somewhere, they were lost...

That's a nice gesture. Do take some photo to share with us too!

15 October, 2009 21:03
desmond said...

I have some Kiasu figures but are not with me now. Guess got to bring them out in the future.

16 October, 2009 01:19
LEon said...

Yes please! I didn't know Mr. Kiasu have their own figures!!

16 October, 2009 09:40
chubbybots said...

Woah this post bring back lots of memories! I used to have them but gave em away :D My faves are this the mc nuggets ^^

16 October, 2009 20:11
LEon said...

I used to have some of them too but not mc nuggets.

16 October, 2009 21:05
Ant Sized Man said...

Remember when the toys were MCd's chracters and you only got 1 a week.

17 October, 2009 01:51
LEon said...

@Ant Sized Man
Yes they still practice one a week thingy currently at our Mcdonalds for the toys.

17 October, 2009 10:14
astrogalaxy said...

These childhood Mac toys are a joy to have!

16 December, 2009 12:58

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