Ultraman! Legend Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle the movie

Ultraman was a character I grew up with. Only at the age of 30, I finally get to own a Ultraman figure but it was a short lived memory as the figure fell apart and now more to a statue than a action figure.

The last Ultraman movie I saw was "Ultraman The Next". The story was thin but the effect made up for that! Coming this year in 12 December 2009, a bigger Ultraman movie will be showing in Japan. This time you will get to see more Ultraman, more monsters and more special effect. Enough saying, take a look for yourself.

It seems the monsters get to fight each other and the evil Ultraman kinda remind me of Darth Maul. Not much conversation but who cares? Give me more action!! Will wait for the release of the DVD.


Bubbashelby said…
Oooh that looks like a BLAST!
The whole Ultraman family is here. Same for all the Monster. What a show down!
LEon said…
Yes it is! I somehow like the evil Ultraman.

Even Ultra King is inside!!
desmond said…
Wow! it is similar to Kamen Rider series as well. Looking forward to watch this movie :)
LEon said…
It maybe better then Kamen rider... I hope...

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