Toy Bloggers Outdoor Photoshoot Gathering

In one of my previous entries, I expressed my desire to bring my toy (particularly my Yotsuba) outdoor to take some photos together with some toy bloggers. Well I took a step of courage to organize this outing. A time for us to gather, exchange ideas, chit-chat and have fun with our favorite toys.

So This is it! On 18 October 2009 (Sunday), 8am to 11am. We will meet at Clarke Quay Singapore.

Who are invited?
If you are residing in Singapore (or visiting during that period in Singapore), you are welcome to join us.

What to bring?
Bring a Toy or more & your own digital camera!
You may want to bring water bottle and an umbrella just in case.

Why Clarke Quay?
1. Clarke Quay for a period of time (mid 90s to early 2000) as been a place where Toy collectors meet up during Sunday when the toy flea market was there. I would consider that time as a golden era in Singapore toy collecting history. So I felt it would be a good reason for old toy collectors to revisit it.

2. Around Clarke Quay has many nearby idea photo taking venues within walking distance such as Fort canning, Singapore River, Cityhall, Chinatown and the list goes on. It would give us more ease and flexibility in case we want to move on.

3. After the gathering, it is easier for us to head down to CSC for some Sunday toy flea market shopping since we would be there early. LOL

Why on a Sunday Morning?
1. In terms of photography, morning would be a good time for the lighting.
2. Since it is Sunday morning, the traffic will be lesser which is easier for us to pose our toy and capture some good images.
3. The weather will not be too hot.

The last time I have such photoshoot gathering was five years back when I meet up with some Pinky:st collectors and have some fun time shooting away with our toys.

You can leave a comment or drop me an email with your contact so that I can get back to you.

List of toy photographers/bloggers who's going:
1. Dennis
2. Zh3us
3. YuKi-To
4. TheFuzzy
5. ScorchNRoses
6. Ederuferuto
7. Hexlord

Updates: The event was covered here.


Ederuferuto said…
It actually depends, sometimes in the morning it can be hot. =P
LEon said…
You are not wrong but in the morning, it won't be as hot as the afternoon. :) So will you be joining us?
Bubbashelby said…
Wow what a great idea! Good luck - can't wait to see all the great pictures.
YuKi-To said…
I plan to join, but something important from my school may come up and so I can't confirm yet >.<
LEon said…
Thanks bro. You should do some toy outdoor shoot around your city too! :P

Just keep us update by email me with the progress. Hope you can make it!
TheFuzzy said…
Well we talked about it on GMail chat, but I'll be coming.

Might cancel if something comes up though, will keep you posted. :)
LEon said…
Sure Fuzzy. Hope to see you there.
Direct enrollment! Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
Dennis direct because I called you! LOL
KazeTora said…
Why sundaaaaaay?

Well... If the venue changed to... euh... saturday? I'll be available. Along with my 00, of course. (does anyone ever bring a plamo kit before? Hahaha...)
LEon said…
You can bring any toy you want bro. 00 would be nice! we make it sunday because after that we can head to Sunday toy flea market. XP Join us if you can bro!
Hexlord said…
Sounds like a fun event, if Fuzzy's going I might drop by too ^^
LEon said…
You are welcome anytime. Fuzzy have not give any confirmation yet unfortunately and so far we have 5 people confirm going. You can email me your contact if you want to drop by.

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