Quiz: PhotoHunt #9

It's enter the month of Oct and the photohunt is still on due to popular demand! I was very overwhelmed and honor to have Mario requests to share one of his toy photo over at my Children Day post to make into a Photohunt. So here is the trooper hunt Photohunt for this week!

Can you spot all 5 differences?

As usual please rate this photohunt with the amount of star indicating number of differences you spotted. :D


Jcee said…
Haven't played this one yet, but man! What an awesome picture! What is the trooper in the front?
kluxorious said…
this is a hard one because of the cluster but I found all 5! XD
Mario! said…
I found them all!

Leon, I'm glad you used my picture, thanks. I hope everyone else enjoys it.

Jcee, the clones in the picture are from the "Clone Attack on Coruscant" battle pack, and the one in the front is the commander of the set.
LEon said…
Mario had answer your question. :) So did you get all 5 end of the day?

Agree it quite challenging but it's a good photo composure. :)

You are most welcome. It is a very good photo for photohunt. I enjoy doing it too!
sei.mn said…
I have hunted all 5 down!! :D Nice hunt again!! Keep up the good job!!
LEon said…
You made it for this week photohunt! Congrats for getting all 5!! More next week. :D
Chris said…
wow! it;s awesome!
LEon said…
Did you find all 5?
rockleelotus said…
this one was seriously tough! but got all 5 after who knows how long staring ^^;
LEon said…
Congrats for your good effort! :D

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