Quiz: PhotoHunt #9 Answer

Here's the answer for this week Photohunt!

If you have some toy photos you would like me to do as photohunt, do let me know.

There are only two requirements for the photohunt photo would be
1. Photo must be in portrait
2. Must have a lot of details and colorful background.


Ant Sized Man said…
Did'ny get a chance to do it but looks like a difficult one.
Sanze said…
Wow, you hv so many blog....
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
The photohunt is on every monday. Not really difficult as the feedback I got most get 5 stars for finding all 5. If I have more rating, then I should have more accurate response. :)

Thanks for visiting! I have only 2 are more active. :)

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