Quiz: Photohunt #12

This week we have Spock from eclectorama. He sent his Spock toy around United States to various Star trek fans to host him and snap photos of Spock. This photo was taken by one of Star trek fan, Sarah Pierce who was hosting Spock.

Can you spot 5 differences?

As usual, do feedback with rating indicating how many of the differences you can point out. :)

This quiz answer can be found here.


rockleelotus said…
obvious one is funny lol found 4/5 and was about to call it quits. gave it another shot and found the last one XD another nice photo hunt ^_^b
kluxorious said…
found all five!
Chris said…
wa... very hard wo..
chunky B said…
Very Cool LEon, great job once again. Thanks for the shout out!
Ant Sized Man said…
3 so far, cool mego spock.
LEon said…
Thanks. I am glad you found all 5!

Well done!

Really? How many did you find?

@chunky B
My pleasure. I am starting to like Spock after I watched the latest Startrek movie. :D

@Ant Sized Man
Wow! You know it's a mego spock? Impressive!

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