Quiz: Photohunt #10

This week we have the contribution of Dcal's Rin toy on some colorful paper for photohunt! Can you spot 5 differences?!

This Rin toy from Nendoroids seems to be popular among the collectors and photo bloggers. It must be the smiling face. Her long hair always seems to help to support her in standing.

To read more about Dcal's color paper series, click here.


Your site is sOO CUTE...
Love it.
Added ur blog to my blog list.
Would mind doing the same?
Thanks, dude.
rockleelotus said…
woohoo all 5 in record time, thats been a while ^^; great job again!
LEon said…
Thanks. Added yours as well.

Glad you enjoying it. :D
sei.mn said…
Found them ALL!! Pretty easy for this photo hunt, compared to the Star wars :) THANKS! great work!
LEon said…
Good work!

No problem. Thanks for your feedback. Should I make it harder the next time? LOL
jacqueline said…
I'm really bad at this... even those in the arcade i'll take really long to plough through the pictures
LEon said…
Practice made perfection. Plus there is no time limit to this photohunt. Answer will be out on Wednesday if you still couldn't get all 5. Try it and let us know. :)
chunky B said…
I think this is the first one where I found all five before you gave the answers. These are fun.
LEon said…
Glad you enjoy the game. You are getting better in this I see. Tune in for next monday Photohunt ya?

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