Miku Hatsune Decal for Good Smile Racing!

I didn't know Goodsmile was into racing and when I look at this, I drooled...

With such lovely decal make racing more interesting!

If that is not enough, try putting the same decal to a BMW!!!

I know someone will scream over this

Even a bike get to have a decal!

My support remain faithful to Miku!!

Credit all photos to http://www.nekomagic.com/


TheFuzzy said…
Woo Dead Master!
Woo BRS!
Woo Miku!

Wonder if I should try this one day.
kluxorious said…
The BRS makes me drools too
LEon said…
You should! However I doubt over at our end got such quality work for printing and pasting the decal... And with the amount of attention its going to get, I bet it will quite fast to get STOMP. If you know what I mean...

The design of BRS is kinda cheating as it was on a sleek car in the first place. LOL
Dan said…
Vehicle wraps are so much fun! Not too hard to do, I would like to wrap my car with a monster someday.
desmond said…
If I have a high performance car, I will add on racing kits and enhance the car engine, change the wheels, etc but not sticking any decals on it. I guess I am more conservative type :)
If I have a car, I will paste some decals on Macross. Wonder will I infringe licensing issue? Just like Care bear, Sesame Street, Barney cakes.
LEon said…
Monster? Which Monster? Werewolf? Vampire?

It's perfectly fine but driving in sg road may waste the racing potential.

I think Macross will look great like the one on your T-shirt on a white car. Licensing infringement is the last thing you should worry about. Must ask if LTA allow or not on non-commercial vehicle... Last time I heard as long it is paste on and not spray on it's fine...

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