MaxSpeed Die cast Hi-Scooter - Part 2

When I was doing the review for this new diecast Hi-Scooter, I tried a number of toys in my collection to fit in this scooter. The only one that work decently with it is none other than Hasbro 3.75 inches figures. I tired Figma and revoltech figures and all failed...

Since it has been sometime I have not done any Toy comic, I did one once again out of fun. So we have some clonetroopers trying out their new rides.

Hope you guys get the jokes. :P Enjoy your weekend.


Jcee said…
Haha nice!

At first I thought it would be figma's too. I am surprised that it's this size though.
desmond said…
The troopers look nice with the scooter :)
Agree with Desmond. The scooter fits starwars figure perfectly well.
LEon said…
When I bought it, I was hoping it can fit figma too.

yes that's was a consolation to me.

Thank God it fit some of my figures. If not I will be very very disappointed. Anyway I got it cheap for a diecast, so I should't complain.

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