MaxSpeed Die cast Hi-Scooter - Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I found this toy scooter for sale. The moment I saw it, it remind me very much of a Capsule 9 motorbike from Dragonball which I have but this is way bigger. That interest me to take a closer look.

It's a Hi-Scooter from Max Speed and it's a diecast toy!

The triggering point was when I found out it is selling for for just $10 SGD each! Looking at the details, I decided to get one to play! There are Red and Black to choose from when I was there. So I pick Red. Time to OPEN THE TOY!!

Flesh and Red Hi-Scooter out of the box! This scooter is not as heavy as it look even though it was Diecast. Most of the parts in black are plastic while those in reds are diecast parts.

The front view has a headlight which look quite small. Too bad the light do not light up. The back there was an additional seat.

The back seat seems to be design for the person to face backward. Do they really have such design in real life for the back seat? Whatever it is, it don't look comfortable for the passenger.

The details of this vehicle was surprisingly good for it prices. The dashboard llok realistic with the handles and all that meter in print.

For rainy days, this wiper will certainly come in handy.

The seat of the rider look comfortable and well-protected. See the side mirrors? They actually reflect some images. The wheel is rather small for it's size but the exhaust look alright for a scooter.

Last but not least, it is Made in China like majority of toys in the market.

Geez this seems like a long post...will continue on my next post.


kluxorious said…
this looks sweet! have you compared it with a figma, you know, to see if it compatible? :D
LEon said…
I have but it doesn't really fit well. Look out for my next post. :)
Oh, the pillion is not under the protection of shelter. Even has wiper for a bike. That's cool! A well-made toy that is value for money.
Q said…
Oh interesting~ Is it a scaled diecast model? I'm often curious about the scales :o
LEon said…
You are right and it seated backward.

They didn't state the scale on box but look like 1:12 to me.
desmond said…
A very cool little scooter :P

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