What's up on Sept 09?

A number of things coming your way for September on Open the Toy.

Gundam Fiesta 2009 media coverage
Coming this week, Kodomut and I will be attending a private preview on opening day event of Gundam Fiesta (which is tomorow).

We promised to take as much picture as we can and give a full coverage for all Gunpla fans. The event will be from 2 Sept to 13 Sept at Compass Point. Don't miss out!

Photo Hunt Quiz
I have to apologize that I have not been doing Quiz for about 2 months. So to make it up, there will be a Photohunt on every Monday starting next Monday for the month of September and hopefully it will chase away some of Monday Blues.

Just spot 5 differences in one set of picture. Kodomut will also be having a Photohunt on the same day! It would be fun! Join Us! :D

Project Diva
Following my previous post for my confession of a fan to Project Diva game, I will be sharing more of the game, music and Miku! For a start, this is the model, Yui Ogura who they used to model capturing Miku dance steps in the Project Diva game.

*Credit Images to Kotaku.

Guess how old is she? Find out here.

Not to worry, I will still be giving toy reviews and news of the latest and coolest toys!

Join in the fun by subscribing on my RSS or follow me on Twitter for regular update send to you free of charge. :D

As always, it will be wonderful to hear feedback, ratings and comments from you guys on what you enjoy and what you don't as you read about on Openthetoy.

Lastly, the numbers of hours I spent on designing and getting the name card to be printed is over.

Now I have something for people I meet to remember me by when I attend gathering or events. :) Nice?


kodomut said…
Nice card. Clean and green (literally) design!
Mario! said…
That's a nice card!
TheFuzzy said…
Wow, cool card you have there.

Thinking of designing cards for my brother and me, but we sorta need logos for ourselves first. =_=
LEon said…
Thanks. I like it that way. :D

Thank you!

I thought you guys have a logo which you used as a Watermark on some of the pictures on your site? That logo look good too!
Shaun said…
looking forward to your coverage Leon, hope to drop by during lunch time to score the Tamashii Psycho, hope stock levels are still decent by the time I reach there.
LEon said…
Thanks Shaun. I should still be there about 12pm. Want to meet up? email me!!
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

Nice card! Congrates to you! :D
LEon said…
Thanks Juliana. :)
ninjovee said…
Awesome new card :) It looks so neat!
Will be looking forward to those Monday ice breakers! :3
alafista said…
lovely new name cards ^^
Mn said…
Looking forward to PHOTO hunt!! :P
LEon said…
Thanks for your support. ;)

Thank you for your recommendation too!

Sure! Thanks for your support too! :D
Jcee said…
Haha cool name card!

Can't wait for the Gundam event coverage!
desmond said…
Will you print your name card design in real hardcopies??
LEon said…
Rushing the coverage now...lots of pictures

It was printed to hard copy already. :)

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